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a writer who composes speeches for others to deliver

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Jeff Nussbaum is a partner in the speechwriting and strategy firm West Wing Writers.
The former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013, today the 32-year-old Mr.
She was caught dinin' and chattin' and in general hobnobbin' with nunuther than Peggy Noonan, the gal who's parlayed a Reagan speechwriting gig into a career as a know-it-all par excellence.
Thousands of emails said to be from the private accounts of Bashar Assad and his wife show the Syrian president got speechwriting advice from Iran, joked about his promises of reform and shopped online to skip world trade sanctions, the Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday.
Writing with a sense of humor and conversational tone for general readers, Gavin examines the tools of political rhetoric, noting that, while speechwriting is important in a democracy, leadership and integrity do not depend on a politician's eloquence.
The President's Words: Speeches and Speechwriting in the Modern White House.
are being run by 20-somethings - including, apparently, speechwriting.
Much of the speechwriting craft involves jumping into books of quotations, like pearl divers searching for jewels of wisdom, stringing them into the texts to make the boss sound like a sage.
Did ministers really need a dedicated events and speechwriting division within the civil service, at an estimated cost of pounds 500,000?
Expertise in social media will be vital, just as copywriting, speechwriting and strategic planning are vital, but all media should effectively serve carefully considered communication objectives, not vice versa.
fiction, feature writing and speechwriting, is the author of four
Ethan Riegelhaupt, vice president for speechwriting and internal communications, will take on Mathis' role on an interim basis.
The stories of speechwriting in Robert SchlesingerEs fine book, White House Ghosts,| suggest that thereEs an editing process in the West Wing designed to bludgeon all beauty in presidential rhetoric.
AS one of his many staff announcements before Inauguration Day, Barack Obama appointed 27-year-old Jon Favreau as his director of speechwriting.
Matthew Rees is the founder of Geonomica, a speechwriting and consulting firm.