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a writer who composes speeches for others to deliver

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'Friends and flukes have been the making of me.' So says storied Australian Labor Party (ALP) speechwriter Graham Freudenberg in Ruth Cullen's The Scribe (2018).
Beattie worked for Vince Haley, head of speechwriting at the White House, and at times worked on speech projects for Stephen Miller, Trump's top policy adviser and speechwriter, the people added.
Washington [US], Feb 10 ( ANI ): US President Donald Trump on Saturday said "lives are being shattered" by a mere allegation in the wake of the resignations of former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter and Speechwriter David Sorensen following allegations of domestic abuse.
The violin and piano player said: "Above everything else, it's the music training I had that made me a halfdecent speechwriter because it's all about rhythm and cadence."
It should be noted that what it means to be a "speechwriter" has changed a great deal since the days of Ted Sorensen and Arthur Schlesinger Jr., when speechwriters tended to be policymakers first, poets second; thought partners, rather than ghostwriters (or "scribes," as my old boss AI Gore once bellowed from his office to summon my colleagues and me).
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By this time, The New York Times had done its own investigation and determined that two well-known GOP speechwriters had drafted the speech for Melania Trump, who didn't like it and had re-written it almost entirely, which matches her comments before the controversy.
Veteran speechwriter Richard Heller first penned the Tory-bashing passages for Neil Kinnock, but they were never used.
Fortunately, Swaim puts those skills to good use in The Speechwriter, a highly readable account of his three years in the governor's employ.
He told me the whole "new speechwriter" thing was bound to wear off and that I was now one of the staff.
Stewart held positions as Deputy Chief Speechwriter to President Jimmy Carter, Executive for Policy and Programs to New York Mayor John Lindsay, Head of Public Affairs for Arthur Levitt at the American Stock Exchange, Member of the Defense Science Board, and as a Stage Director and Orchestra Conductor.
Aquilino Morelle has offered his resignation to the president of the republic," the source said, referring to the adviser, who is Holande's main speechwriter and a senior aide on political strategy.
The speechwriter for a charismatic presidential nominee takes the bullet in a botched assassination attempt and is left in a near-vegetative state.
This year, with just days left before the big speech, Obama's chief speechwriter, Cody Keenan, already has gotten plenty of helpful (and not-so-helpful) advice.