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It is therefore vital that the Rotary Club continues to build on the legacy of speechmaking established by the Dumfries Lady Speakers Club.
Not by chance, commentators have noted resemblances between Sisi and Nasser's speechmaking.
Thiruvananthapuram: Campaigning for the 16th Lok Sabha election ended in Kerala on Tuesday evening with party supporters converging in different town and city centres in a final round of sloganeering, speechmaking and noisy celebrations.
Assad's political future and a healthy, prosperous future for Syria are simply incompatible -- the entire world knows this and the less time that is wasted on exercises in speechmaking such as Geneva II, the better.
His analysis was written as the war was starting to move in the allies' favor, and shows that British officers had started noticing signs of developing paranoia in Hitler's speechmaking and a growing preoccupation with what he called "the Jewish poison."
Social realism and slow-burn suspense combine to create solid if rather familiar results in "Amok." A multistrand criss-crosser about strangers connected by an act of violence on a sweltering day, this drama by Filipino helmer Lawrence Fajardo creates vivid snapshots of Manila street life but loses impact with unsubtle speechmaking in the tragedy's aftermath.
They mostly avoided lots of policy speechmaking (thus avoiding the rigors of travel then, too), wrote moderately worded public letters responding to "citizen groups," and, most significantly, used their own sponsored newspapers in Washington to let the public know what they were thinking.
Speechmaking is not to be discounted in the presidency.
Scott and Welton leave behind the speechmaking competition, however, in favor of a different sort of intertextuality, namely that between the Symposium and Republic.
Obama's speech contained nothing but "verbal eloquence," as if the holy month of Ramadan was devoted to a contest in English literature and speechmaking. The impression that Muslims around the world got from Obama's address was that the US administration was trying to "cover up" for the wars it was involved in, most of which were started by the "ill-reputed" Bush, Noureddin said.
It was a moment of anger that dispensed with speechmaking; Erdogan withdrew from the session with Shimon Peres.
Their careful assessment of presidential speechmaking confirms what many observers have already intuited: beginning with Ronald Reagan, a new political strategy based on appealing to conservative Christian communities, has become standard practice in presidential politics.
During the speechmaking at a lectern next to a flag pole with half-staffed U.S.
Coverage includes an introductory overview of the period, FDR's speechmaking and leadership, medical metaphors and the role of the physician in FDR's "fireside chats," the development and reception of FDR's first inaugural address, Farm Security Administration photography and New Deal visual culture, Eleanor Roosevelt's changes to the rhetorical role of First Lady, the rhetoric of Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, the Congressional debate over Roosevelt's 1937 "court-packing" plan, the rhetorical career of United Mine Workers of America's president John L.
The deal "helps us build our speechmaking enterprise," he said, which includes two subscription newsletters, "The Executive Speaker" and "Vital Speeches of the Day." McMurray publishes four other subscription newsletters, including "Publications Management," "Copy Editor" "Managing People at .Work" and "The Office Professional."