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Synonyms for speechlessness

the avoidance of speech

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the property of being speechless

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These accounts go beyond mere helplessness and speechlessness, as they objectify the people living in these institutions as mere and "pure" victims of state policies and bureaucratic-medical action.
We have the tradition passed along, we have the wrestling with the questions, but there are some creative things that will move us into speechlessness, into tears, into heartbreak, into all of the kinds of overflowing that we might experience.
Manmohan Singh's ten years of speechlessness made Modi sound like Mark Anthony at Caesar's funeral.
He is no longer able to whimper a sentence, not even a word and not because of speechlessness but because "he is now in a big trauma," said Bahaa Yahiya, an orthopedic surgeon at Razi hospital in Jenin, where Shaer was brought for medical treatment.
Trauma in Foer's and Spiegelman's texts therefore emerges as a 2-way circuit: the more performative, often visualised references to 9/11 provide a metacommentary of speechlessness, whereas the integration of other texts and traumata offers a cognitive prosthesis for dealing with 9/11 as well as a narrative one with the survivors' depiction of traumatic events.
If iodine deficiency starts in the embryonic period, health problems including deafness, speechlessness, spastic diplegia, strabismus, severe neurological deficit (neurological cretinism), nanism, psychomotor retardation, stillbirth and mental retardation may be observed (15-18).
never suffered that form of falsification, the repetition (and suggestion of immortality) constitutive of stardom, while the muteness of silent film itself embodied a form of suffering, a speechlessness compelling the eyes to explore.
Kompanek captures Shapiro's ingenuous responses--there are moments of speechlessness, tears and hyper-exhilaration--to the inevitable attention that comes when a director's career shifts into the high-stakes gear of Broadway.
Beautifully hand-carved and painted by sculptor Sarith Mang, the figurines look remarkably human with their sharply individualized features, their speechlessness and immobility underscoring the collective helplessness of a people subjected to methodical extermination.
Fanny's "favourite indulgence of being suffered to sit silent and unattended to" (260) is not just the abject speechlessness of a downtrodden, poor relation, or the self-abnegating performance of a conduct-book ideal, or even the credo of a shy girl who has decided to embrace her inner wallflower.
He therefore lies down in a room made his by grease and pain and speechlessness.
You do so when you recall the "Sounds of Silence" conference you attended, and which was devoted to issues of race, gender, and oppression; when you evoke the muteness of Tawana Brawley or the speechlessness of Judge Maxine Thomas; when you find yourself in Dartmouth "manumitted back into silence" (3); when you cite Joy Kogawa stating that, "[there] is a silence that cannot speak, a silence that will not speak," (4) that to attend to a voice is to embrace its absence.
Bell Hooks; Talking Back (1989) defines three modes of resistance adapted by African American women: speechlessness, self-reflexive speech and talking back.
Deen's mother, Elaine, who'd never attended a fan camp before, was dazzled to near speechlessness.