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Synonyms for speechless

Synonyms for speechless

lacking the power or faculty of speech

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for speechless

temporarily incapable of speaking


References in classic literature ?
He gazed at him with blank astonishment; he looked over his own shoulder, as expecting to see some one he had not been aware of standing behind him; he gazed at the stranger again, speechlessly, at a loss to know what he meant; he looked to his wife for explanation; receiving none, he pounced upon her, and shook her with such heartiness that he shook her cap off her head, saying between his teeth, with grim raillery, as he did it, 'Affery, my woman, you must have a dose, my woman
We have been speechlessly monitoring developments from Mont Pelerin since last week, and were relieved when we learnt, late on Friday, that significant progress has been achieved in reaching an acceptable solution.
as though we were both strangers, as though it was some natural disaster she was beholding that was beyond any mode of comprehension so all she could do was stare speechlessly at us, and then another expression came over her face, one that I'd never seen before, that made me think she was going to cry herself and sweep both of us, the girl and me, into her arms to hold us against her.
As I paused speechlessly, she proceeded to open the door and continued in her pleasant, unguarded manner.
Not fountains and meadows as mere scenery, but as part of one's own existence, an existence that now seems more and more independent (and lonely) with age, save for in occasional, glorious moments when nature still appears speechlessly wonderful: moments when we might say "O
Six errors appear in the brief passage--the final two in the following sentence (you might not notice the first one, but the last one is a real beaut): "Remembering speechlessly we see the great forgotten language, the lost lane-end into heaven, a stone, a leaf, an unfound deer" (46).
Like Job, Evgeny spends the transitional period between passivity and revolt in silence: "Uzhasnykh dum / Bezmolvno polon, on skitalsia" (145-46; of horrid thoughts / Speechlessly full, he roved about).