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Synonyms for speechless

Synonyms for speechless

lacking the power or faculty of speech

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for speechless

temporarily incapable of speaking


References in classic literature ?
I went away speechless to my own room; and when I found myself alone there, burst out crying.
At last a score or more, mostly men, remained where they were, speechless, staring, excited.
A few tried to rise to the emergency, and got out an awkward "My lord," or "Your lordship," or something of that sort, but the great majority were overwhelmed by the unaccustomed word and its dim and awful associations with gilded courts and stately ceremony and anointed kingship, so they only fumbled through the handshake and passed on, speechless.
He ceased, speechless for fury; and some time elapsed before I could induce him to resume his narrative.
I don't think I care to talk about that, if you please,' she would say, and strike the boldest speechless by her unmistakable pain; this upon all topics - dress, pleasure, morality, politics, in which the formula was changed to 'my papa thinks otherwise,' and even religion, unless it was approached with a particular whining tone of voice.
For a minute, alcoholic fumes kept the captain speechless.
That speechless tongue, those prisoned features, that heart so freighted with unspoken troubles, and that breast so oppressed with its piteous secret had been here.
I don't remember ever being struck so utterly speechless as when over a year ago, Christian Wiese, then Dean, wrote to ask if I'd agree to be considered by his colleagues for an honorary degree in religious philosophy at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the Goethe University.
Alejano, parang speechless siya,' Trillanes said in an interview on Thursday.
BRITISH and Irish Lions skipper Sam Warburton was left speechless after yesterday's nail-biting finish in Aukland.
I'm speechless again, as I was last time, to have been given the call-up," said Malan.
We anything Claire Gilligan The happy East Cleveland couple, who have been together for six and a half years, were left speechless after their gold envelope was picked out from 489 others by Gazette editor Chris Styles.
A MAN who supports elderly people living in isolation was left speechless when an undercover volunteer handed him a cheque for almost PS1m.
British Gas worker Mr Booth, of Newcastleupon-Tyne, said: "I'm speechless and overwhelmed.
British Gas worker Mr Booth said: "I'm speechless and overwhelmed by the response.