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I have heard recordings of Lenin speechifying in Russian and wondered if there was a recording somewhere of him expressing himself in English, but have not found one.
During the President s speechifying, a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Xenel of Saudi Arabia for building a petrochemical plant, and between the NNPC and Nagarjuna of India for establishing two fertiliser plants.
Morgenthau put together many published elements of the Iran-Venezuela relationship and drew sharp conclusions without recognizing the third world tendency to sign agreements that go nowhere and to engage in much hollow speechifying.
Thirty delegates stayed the whole time, writing, fighting, and speechifying in the Pennsylvania statehouse with the windows closed.
The fact is that more than two decades of bullying, demonizing and self-serving speechifying have only strengthened resistance in the academic community to PILOT.
Usually I am not much of a fan of all the introductory speechifying at conferences, but after an introduction to the Longhouse by Richard Vedan, a welcome speech by Steven Point that defied the stuffiness of his Lieutenant Governor title, and several heartfelt welcomes, I could feel a palpable difference in the room.
The Texas lieutenant governor sweats like Nixon in a TV studio, so he wanted the room like an icebox until he was done speechifying.
He said: "You can't force people to listen to you, instead you've got to grab their attention the only way possible, that is to dazzle them with compelling speechifying (oratory).
The story suffocates under endless speechifying and analysis in which each point is flogged to death and each un-Randian idea is reduced to a straw man the heroes can easily beat down and shred.
It was powerful, compelling, emotional, and in sharp contrast to the prepackaged speechifying we are so accustomed to hearing from politicians.
Although some might prefer more swashbuckling and less speechifying, this is a brave attempt to recreate a neglected slice of our fascinating heritage.
Many performances, however, are considerably underpowered and while the several prose sections often come alive, some actors deliver the verse in a flat, speechifying manner.
the interminable speechifying, the epileptic behavior with its wild gesticulations and foaming at the mouth, and the alternately shifty and staring eyes.
Worth more than its weight in all politicians' go-thou-and-volunteer speechifying, docu is a vivid portrait of idealistic ordinary folk rolling up their sleeves to better others' lives.