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any therapy intended to correct a disorder of speech

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Some children receive speech therapy due to disorders like stuttering or prolonging sounds and syllables.
Editor's note: It may not be ideal but virtual speech therapy affords more districts the ability to reach more students.
This is a great step forward for speech therapy in general in Oman," Al Riyami said.
All aspects of speech therapy will be covered, including phonetics, speech pathology, paediatric complaints as well as special education.
It's holding him back and it's holding his education back - all because of a lack of speech therapy.
Instead, they will get help from school staff who don't have a specialist speech therapy qualification.
This means that PT, speech therapy, and OT services can go over the $1,740 limit.
One of the most affluent residential communities in the New York Metropolitan area, Southport Manor is an upscale 45,984 s/f, 140-bed skilled nursing facility that has offered traditional long-term health care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and special care services for more than 37 years.
A great-grandmother who suffered a severe stroke has been told she must wait before she can get vital speech therapy.
Under federal law, public and private schools must provide special education services, such as speech therapy, to children, even preschoolers, who need them.
But then, with help from a speech therapy program at school, Charlie learns to speak clearly.
Genesis provides contract physical, occupational, and speech therapy to skilled nursing centers, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, hospitals, and outpatient clinics in 21 states.
A few months into kindergarten, I was placed into speech therapy class at my elementary school.