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any therapy intended to correct a disorder of speech

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Recommendation could either be regular speech therapy sessions, referral for further testing by a specified professional or a home-based program.
Every day I endured the rigors of physical and speech therapy exercises in my own home.
With 10 original articles, two review articles and three case reports, Volume 19 (5) presents a regional diversity of articles from the Northeast, Southeast and South regions, distributed in the different publication areas of the journal, with six articles in the area of language, three in Orofacial Motricity, two in the area of Public Health and one article in the areas of Audiology, Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, Educational Speech Therapy, and Voice.
Amelia is having counselling as well as the speech therapy.
Purchase of medical outpatient speech therapy services for the contract period 1.
Touted as the world's first-ever speech therapy app for Urdu language, it is currently in the testing phase and will be rolled out to the public soon.
Conclusion: The eclectic approach of aerobic exercises with the traditional speech therapy provides proximal rehabilitation of stuttering.
SMRS and Metro Therapy provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, as well as staffing services, to over 370 facilities across more than 25 states.
eu - of the new speech therapy tools - Moowi - prepared 5 models of the puppets: Moowi, Dino, Doggy, Kitty and Bear.
Many children require speech therapy because of a speech delay or an issue with articulating.
But ever-faster broadband, paired with services from companies such as PresenceLearning, Tiny-EYE, and VocoVision, has helped online speech therapy become more than a stopgap way to connect certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to students in cash-strapped or remote districts.
In response to the news story "Virtual Speech Therapy Offers Solution to SLP Shortage" in the April 2012 issue, Lynne T.
Another area she hopes to do more research on is Arabic-specific speech therapy, since there isn't much information on it.
the proven efficacy of integrating computer-based programs within the classical speech therapy of dyslalia (educational and therapeutic software) for the English language, such as the OLP-Ortho-Logo-Paedia System, Laureate Learning Systems, etc.
The Speech Therapy Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is set to host a Speech Therapy Awareness Campaign from 18th to 22nd April.