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any therapy intended to correct a disorder of speech

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Since I liked children and felt just as frustrated about the lack of speech therapists as my parents were, (speech therapists work closely with audiologist), it was an easy decision for me to make.
Because of these meanings, this study seeks to analyze the knowledge of speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists about the interdisciplinarity in the health care and about the attributions among them.
The purpose of this study was to examine congruence between the Nursing Bedside Dysphagia Screening tool (NBDS) and a speech therapist bedside dysphagia evaluation.
Muscat: Aimed at raising awareness on the role of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists in psychiatry among healthcare workers, the Sultanate is all set to host its first international conference on 'Mental Health Rehabilitation', tomorrow.
The Institute has multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, which includes Physiatrists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Vocational Therapists, Orthotists and Prosthetists, Language and Swallowing Pathologist, Clinical Nutritionist and a Clinical Neurophysiologist, Speech therapist and special educationist.
Speech therapists fear many schools will no longer commission the service - amid schools transferring to academies.
Speech therapists loosen the jaw, tongue and back of the head so you feel you can form words quite freely rather than forming them in a staccato fashion.
The mixed team of psychologists and speech therapists had to analyse the complex programs of speech therapy in order to transpose into informatics the speech therapy procedures and to carry out a pseudocoded therapeutic program useful in the realisation of the expert system program.
The UK's first dedicated facility of its kind will bring consultants, specialist nurses, physio and occupational therapists, speech therapists and even legal advisors under one roof.
She is also used in many classrooms by teachers, special education teachers, speech therapists, music teachers, and Sunday School teachers.
Ten Brazilian speech therapists, child neurologists, and neuropsychologists contribute nine chapters providing multidisciplinary approaches to the theoretical and practical bases of written language and its disorders.
For the next three months Clive was confined to the Stroke Unit in the West Wing of Cardiff Royal Infirmary as the physiotherapists and then speech therapists got to work to try to restore his limbs and coach back some form of communication.
Developed by communication charity I CAN, the scheme will see speech therapists working in the centres to identify children with problems.
Speech therapists are celebrating after being gaining approval from a national scheme.