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(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

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The observed deficit in phonological disorder may be associated with difficulties at various levels such as discrimination of phonetic differences, recognition of phonological contrasts, and lexical representation of these contrasts, which causes alterations in speech sounds and articulatory imprecision [19].
The first child might not be able to hear specific high-frequency speech sounds like "f" and "s," while the second may be able to hear all the speech sounds--but only if they are loud enough.
Infants pay greater attention to new sounds, so researchers compared how long a group of 6-month-olds focused on a speech sound they were familiarized with -"tea"' - to a new speech sound, "ta.
People who suffer from dyslexia have difficulties with identifying speech sounds in spoken language.
From existing data on numbers of speech sounds and types of grammatical structure, these phylogenies can point to ancient root languages and trace a path to today's tongues.
He offers an updated text introducing students to the study of speech sounds and why this study is important and necessary.
The suggestions are based on the following basic dimensions of reading: (1) Phonemic Awareness--understand the relationship between speech sounds and print; (2) Systematic Phonics--ability to decode unfamiliar words; (3) Fluency--ability to read effortlessly for comprehension; (4) Background Knowledge and Vocabulary--ways to foster comprehension; (5) Comprehension--development of active strategies to construct meaning from print; and (6) Motivation--development and maintenance of the desire to read and write.
The study suggested that a dysfunctional connection between frontal and temporal language areas of the brain impedes efficient access to otherwise intact representations of speech sounds, thus hampering a person's ability to manipulate them fluently.
Kuhl's previous studies show that between 8 and 10 months of age, monolingual babies become increasingly able to distinguish speech sounds of their native language, while at the same time their ability to distinguish sounds from a foreign language declines.
sapiens--possessed a short set of neck vertebrae, resulting in a vocal tract with a restricted range of speech sounds, McCarthy and his coworkers argue.
Millions of children can't figure out the words on the pages of their books, because they don't know the speech sounds of the alphabet.
It was found that not only did the adolescents from a lower maternal educational background have neural responses to speech sounds that were nosier, more variable and represented the input signal weakly, but their performances on tests of reading and working memory also were poorer.
Ziegler's group proposes that children with SLI hear just fine, but that their brains have difficulty picking out speech sounds from a stream of acoustic information.