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(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

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Speech sound disorders can cause great difficulties in social ties, because severity and intelligibility are correlated factors that directly influence the child's communication process.
Students were chosen on the basis that all fourth-year students studying speech and hearing sciences would have diagnosed and carried out a therapeutic plan for a variety of cases with disorders of speech sound, fluency, phonology, and voice.
5 and 7 years of age have the proper pronunciation of all sounds, plosives and nasals, which is, according to the authors, expected given that these sounds are the first to be adopted in the speech sound system of Serbian language.
Researchers found that 84 percent of students mastered IEP speech sound goals through telepractice, compared to 47 percent of students who achieved mastery through in-person therapies.
5 years of age, through a longitudinal study using the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5 (APA, 2013) in the classification of symptoms, as they affect processes of expressive, receptive language or speech sound.
There's a set pattern of how sounds will usually emerge and it's normal for pre-school children to make mistakes with their speech sounds.
For this we use KLAT synthesizer which gives output in the form of speech sound which is almost same to the original sound.
This program allows a person to use an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to practice speech sound discrimination and production with flash card style tasks.
Interventions for speech sound disorders in children.
Now, an NIH-funded study in 2-year-olds with the social deficit disorder suggests why they might find mouths so attractive: lip-sync -- the exact match of lip motion and speech sound.
2 : a speech sound (as \p\, \n\, or \s\) produced by partly or completely stopping the flow of air breathed out of the mouth
Davies's voice sounds older than many of the characters in the novel, but he differentiates them so well and makes their speech sound so natural that this is only a small quibble.
A brilliant orator can make a badly-written speech sound good, whereas a really bad speaker will send his audience to sleep, or slinking towards the exit, even if the speech was put together by a literary genius.
Babel claims that it has included a library of pre-recorded human speech units in an attempt to make the synthetic speech sound more natural.
Namely, it examines whether the phonological loop works in a condition where the individual is required actually to produce an irrelevant speech sound which constitutes the minimum load on the speech motor programming.