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(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

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It's well known that the perception of a speech sound is determined by its surrounding context--in the form of words, sentences, and other speech sounds.
a--oe The brain's primary auditory cortex is sensitive to how ambiguous a speech sound is at just 50 milliseconds after the sound's onset.
Students were chosen on the basis that all fourth-year students studying speech and hearing sciences would have diagnosed and carried out a therapeutic plan for a variety of cases with disorders of speech sound, fluency, phonology, and voice.
The purpose of this study is to assess the validity, reliability, and usefulness of the Cognitive and Language scales of the BayleyIII in the early diagnosis of communication disorders detected before 3.5 years of age, through a longitudinal study using the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5 (APA, 2013) in the classification of symptoms, as they affect processes of expressive, receptive language or speech sound.
It describes the roles and responsibilities of the job, professional conduct, cultural and linguistic diversity issues, and health and safety issues, and skills development related to lesson plans and goals, note writing, augmentative and alternative communication, the use of play and literacy in therapy, speech sound remediation, and autism spectrum disorders.
One does not have to focus on all the acoustic details to comprehend a speech sound [22].
Seeking advice sooner rather than later is best, as speech sound difficulties can really have an impact on how a child learns to read and write.
Scientists who tested 44 volunteers aged 55 to 76 found even those who had not picked up an instrument for decades responded more quickly to a speech sound than individuals with no musical training.
For this we use KLAT synthesizer which gives output in the form of speech sound which is almost same to the original sound.
This program allows a person to use an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to practice speech sound discrimination and production with flash card style tasks.
Interventions for speech sound disorders in children.
Now, an NIH-funded study in 2-year-olds with the social deficit disorder suggests why they might find mouths so attractive: lip-sync -- the exact match of lip motion and speech sound.