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the arrangement of spoken words alternating stressed and unstressed elements

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So many stresses in a row clearly differ from the speech rhythm that characterizes most of the poem.
It details research carried out on the production and perception of speech rhythm in Indian English (IndE) and British English (BrE) among students at two Universities in Hyderabad, India, at the start of this decade, the development of "a multidimensional model of rhythm" (Fuchs, 2016: 4), and of an approach to speech rhythm perception research which modifies existing practice.
2011, The Effect of Synchronous Reading on Speech Rhythm [presentation given at Rhythm Perception & Production Workshop 13, Leipzig].
Regulating the primary syntactic division or prosodic phrasing with an aim to facilitate comprehension of the utterance, pauses are one of the factors determining speech rhythm (Tseng 2002).
The symptoms may include: slurred speech, vocal harshness, lowered volume, change in tone and speech rhythm, inappropriate stress and a reduced rate of speaking.
The prosodic features which distinguish Life Studies are open form, internal rather than conventional endline rhymes, and colloquial or speech rhythm patterning as meter.
This study served to provide a framework for further speech rhythm studies and studies of cross-varietal speech rhythms of a single language in particular.
A focus on rhythm as a product of language, not on rhythm as an organizational principle, can better explain speech rhythm.
Analyses include the evaluation of data on the manifestations of stress, vowel quality (full versus reduced) and the temporal characteristics of syllable nuclei, which are the carrier components of speech rhythm production.
Given that the calculated use of a slow-talking character seems to be a standard way of achieving variation in speech rhythm for Hawks, I find it very interesting that there is no such bifurcation in His Girl Friday.
Students will naturally respond to the vocal inflection and speech rhythms of the text when singing.
Studies reveal that they can distinguish their mothers' voices from those of other women and show preference for speech rhythms that match the language of their mothers.
It's a complex process since the speech rhythms of Gitxsan and even some of its phonemes are quite different from any European language.
A Sliding Scale: Once told who would be performing, DeCandia anticipated their speech rhythms and laid down basic edits.
Is it just my imagination or do some of the comments betray not just the values but also the distinctive speech rhythms of the American South?
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