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the utterance of intelligible speech

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Many studies (12-16) with neuroimaging performed in persons who stutter have shown relevant results on the auditory regions and their connections with other brain areas in the speech production.
The patients with nonfluent aphasic seemingly have decreased the speed of speech production and increased the error rate.
Speech therapist Paolo Mangune, a volunteer at Operation Smile, said that after the surgical repair of the lip and palate, patients need to unlearn the speech production mechanism they mastered when they still had the deformity.
Speech production is a continuous order of speech sounds in an apparently discontinuous sequence of phonemes, whose connection forms semantic units (words and sentences) [3].
However, because speech production involves conduct that can have substantial, negative social consequences, First Amendment protection of speech production must be limited, and is probably less extensive than protection of actual communication.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The brain's speech area, named after 19th century French physician Pierre Paul Broca, shuts down when we talk out loud, according to a new study that challenges the long-held assumption that 'Broca's area' governs all aspects of speech production.
The contribution of the cerebellum to speech production and speech perception: clinical and functional imaging data.
All the changes to speech production mentioned above will not affect the clarity of speech but will change the way that the child looks when talking.
The investigators of speech fairly mention that harmonious and comfortable bilingualism of the child is developed in that case, when cortical and subcortical mechanisms of speech perception and speech production in native language are developed fully [3; 5; 6].
Thus, children who have been deaf since birth and have received cochlear implants provide a unique population to examine the integration of verbal and nonverbal communication speech production and perception (Schorr, et al.
Fourteen chapters deal with sound, sound sources and processing, the sound journey from air to ear to brain, frequency selectivity, loudness, pitch and periodicity, time and hearing, hearing with two ears and judging distance, the principles of perceptual organization, speech production and perception, music, and hearing impairment.
AAC does not at all hinder the development of speech but in many cases it might increase the speech production to some extent.
Like thousands of parents, the father, Salah Thabit, has seen first-hand how cochlear implants among children improve speech perception, speech production, language and communication.
However, every language is unique and has specific phonetic rules for speech production.
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