speech perception

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the auditory perception (and comprehension) of speech

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Speech perception in congenitally deaf children receiving cochlear implants in the first year of life.
These spatial cues and spectral data are used for auditory streaming and contribute to improvement in speech perception.
In this article, we describe our evaluation of sound and speech perception and auditory performance outcomes in elderly Korean patients, and we discuss how they differed from those of younger patients.
Despite the relation between production and speech perception, it is not linear.
6], investigated cochlear implant user's speech perception and listening preference of noise reduction with a range of gain functions.
The participants' speech perception, depressive symptoms, cognitive function, and overall quality of life were assessed prior to undergoing cochlear implantation.
Testing between the TRACE Model and the Fuzzy Logical Model of Speech Perception.
The overall aims of this research are firstly, to carry out a revision of the available literature with special reference to the study of errors of speech perception or speech misdecoding involving EFL or L2 learners.
Verbal and nonverbal integration in speech perception and production among born-deaf children with cochlear implants
Language abilities can range from speech perception to bilingual ability and grammatical aptitude.
While comparing pragmatic outcomes in these patients, a study found progressive improvement of their speech perception abilities over time.
The acquisition of segmental structure: Consequences for speech perception and second language acquisition.
Pediatric CI users' auditory digit span (ADS)--a commonly used measure of memory capacity--has been significantly correlated with speech perception, speech production, language comprehension, and reading [27].
Normative speakers' speech perception of native speakers.