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distinctive manner of oral expression


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Speaking to the judges, Arbos described his speech pattern to be "like a roller coaster.
Combine this rhotic speech pattern (basically, how people pronounce their "r's") with the stretched-out "a's", as in "fah-thah (for "father"), and the widened "o's" ("taw-nic" instead of "tonic") and you get what many out-of-staters know as the Boston accent - and what most everyone else knows as the New England accent.
Everyone can look at any detail, a piece of clothing or a speech pattern and go 'No, no, this is not what it was,' and that's really scary.
The actor, 41, said playing soldier-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody has affected his real-life speech pattern.
With a Smile Spa ImplantO all this is avoided and the natural speech pattern returns.
As you can see, McCaffrey expresses his concern for youth via a strange bureaucratic speech pattern that exhibits a Bushian inability to form coherent sentences.
In addition, speech recognition technology has a historically poor performance record when used without first being trained in the ins-and-outs of each user's speech pattern.
It is not so much a misinterpretation of the child's dialect that is the problem, but the inappropriate speech pattern that becomes an inhibition to learning.
Sooner or later voice recognition software will overcome its problems with speech pattern and accent - it really is only a matter of time.
Is the speech pattern a constant stream of words or is speech punctuated by many silences?
The Goffins speak in a distinctive country-style speech pattern "Goffins be borned eekwill", for example, which irritated me and my little reader and I found the themes of family values and sharing a bit too heavyhanded at times.
The rest of the conversation is then analysed for changes in the speech pattern which could indicate they are lying.
The narration is clearly spoken, with just a touch of the Australian speech pattern, and gripping.
A computer analyzes the speech pattern and tries to determine if the voice matches the prerecorded version.
Anne Heche's thin and reedy voice is no match for Janet Leigh's lightly seductive tone while Vince Vaughn couldn't hope to capture the cadences of Anthony Perkins' distinctive and eternally creepy speech patterns.