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any of the organs involved in speech production

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The reflexes are "natural exercises" preparing speech organs for accurate articulation and influence proper face muscle tone.
It stimulates the motor efficiency of the speech organs [14].
2003) and cognitive load in learning the operation of human speech organs through mobile phones.
However, learning the operation of speech organs to understand the pronunciation of IPA symbols through mobile phones was not probed in the past.
Besides, prior knowledge of how speech organs function through the use of mobile-phone-based visualization as a moderating factor was ignored in the past (e.
Do learners who are given attention cueing experience a lower cognitive load when learning about the operation of the speech organs compared to learners who are not given attention cueing?
A total of twenty-nine IPA symbols ([MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and j) used to represent how the speech organs operate.
The picture was enriched with attention cueing when the speech organs had one of following features: (1) different shapes of lips when producing bilabials, bilabial fricatives, labiodental-fricatives, or stops; (2) nasalization; (3) voiced sounds; and (4) the tongue in dental, alveolar, postalveolar, palatal, velar, or uvular positions.
A recorder installed in the system recorded the total amount of seconds the learners spent learning the operation of the speech organs, and the total number of clicks they clicked on each symbol.
Thirdly, in the formal experiment, when the students were learning about the operation of the speech organs, they were allowed to click each IPA symbol as many times as they wanted to learn the positions of lips shape, tongue, velum, and vocal folds.
They help initiate contact with the child and can also be used to show the child how he/she should arrange her/his speech organs when pronouncing given sounds.
The English version indicates a sense of unraveling as the imagery delves quickly into the body via the speech organs.
The violent, self-inflicted pain of silence through devouring speech organs suggests that the speaker wants to control her own representational status in the language.
Rather than a French (mis)translation of the text for this passage, there is an anatomical drawing of the head, chest, and speech organs.
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