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the intelligibility of speech (usually measured in the presence of noise or distortion)

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As a 'placebo' control, the other group played a game that challenged player's auditory working memory and wasn't expected to help with speech intelligibility.
Studies investigated the speech intelligibility of children with speech sound disorders judged by different groups [14,19,21], and their results show a strong correlation between unintelligible speech and greater severity in the judges' classification.
Of course, dynamics and speech intelligibility are the main features for a stunning movie experience.
The speech intelligibility rating (SIR) was used to assess the speech production capabilities of language, and the reliability and validity of the scale have been confirmed by other studies.
Meanwhile in educational spaces, excessive noise and reverberation interfere with speech intelligibility and the ability to concentrate and understand.
Both measures are widely used in the speech enhancement area, besides, the PESQ has been proved to highly correlate with speech intelligibility.
This 'sparse coding' identification will make it possible for the scientists to reduce levels of noise while increasing speech intelligibility.
Determine whether you're trying to achieve speech privacy or speech intelligibility.
The new technology not only offers better speech intelligibility and directional hearing, but also has additional automatic functions, which makes using hearing devices even simpler, Siemens said.
This treatment has been shown to have a positive effect on speech intelligibility, vocal intensity and mood for clients with Parkinson's disease (Haneishi, 2002).
The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 includes a proprietary dual microphone system to improve speech intelligibility far beyond that of conventional Bluetooth headsets, rejecting background noise and dramatically reducing the audible effects of wind, a statement said.
Part 2 offers 12 chapters on aspects of speech assessment and intervention, such as phonetic transcription, voice assessment, and speech intelligibility.
Thanks to the high reduction of the noise level, the interior noise and speech intelligibility has been appreciably improved.
There are four standard test methods measuring speech intelligibility: Speech Intelligibility Index (SII), (19) Speech Transmission Index (STI), Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI), (20) and Speech Interference Level (SIL).
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