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For the objective measurement of the intelligibility of children with speech disorders, an automatic speech recognition system was applied, a word recognition system developed at the Chair for Pattern Recognition (Lehrstuhl fur Mustererkennung) of the University of Erlangen.
Now Joe Pulizzi and Pam Kozelka are taking that passion for helping those with autism and speech disorders to a new level by founding The Orange Effect Foundation.
Based on the patients' medical diagnosis, subjects are assigned to one diagnostic category 1) cleft lip and palate (N = 32), 2) cleft palate (N = 35), 3) cleft lip (N = 9), 4) speech disorder typically velopharyngeal incompetency with no structural defect) (N = 12), or (5) facial deformity (typically a handicapping malocclusion) (N = 16).
They had, in fact, tracked a speech disorder through three generations of the "K" family and suggested that a single gene somehow disrupts the ability of these intelligent, well-adjusted people to converse normally.
The most common adverse events affecting the central nervous system were somnolence, dizziness, confusion, speech disorder, vertigo, tremor, amnesia, thinking abnormality, abnormal gait, incoordination, ataxia, and paresthesia.
16, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Research funded by The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation to determine the cause of an unusual speech disorder in a family living in Australia has resulted in the finding of a novel mechanism in the pathophysiology of dystonia , a neurological muscle disorder that causes uncontrollable, painful spasms in one or more parts of the body and affects an estimated 500,000 people in North America alone.
Other common events were weight gain, increased appetite, dizziness, back pain, constipation, speech disorder, increased salivation, amnesia and paresthesia.
Washington, Oct 5 (ANI): By comparing Hindustani singing, a North Indian traditional style of singing, and classical singing, such as the music of Puccini, Mozart and Wagner, researchers at the University of Missouri hopes of finding a treatment for a speech disorder called laryngeal tremors.
Stuttering is a speech disorder in which a person repeats or prolongs sounds, syllables, or words, disrupting the normal flow of speech.
Creating awareness and raising funds for the study and treatment of this often misunderstood speech disorder aboard this magnificent ocean liner is a privilege.
Contributors from various speech disorder sciences present a manual for clinical audiologists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and related health care professionals on intervention and rehabilitation in the disorder, which is a deficit in neural processing of auditory stimuli that is not due to higher order language, cognition, or related factors.
At some point in their disease they will have some form of voice or speech disorder that generally occurs a little later in the disease," she added.
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): An Australian researcher says that a new treatment, called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, may prove effective in curing speech disorder in people who have suffered a stroke or brain injury.
More than three million people in America struggle with stuttering, according to Jane Fraser, whose father Malcolm Fraser, a lifelong stutterer, founded the Stuttering Foundation of America, a nonprofit organization which has helped those with the speech disorder for 55 years.
Stuttering is a speech disorder experienced by an estimated one percent of the population of the United States.