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Despite their self-perceived flaws, like Moses' speech defect, all children have the potential to be great leaders.
Dawn finds herself cured of a speech defect by speaking the nonsense words.
There is a knife-wielding mother who suffers from a speech defect (the title of the play means 'funny mirrors') due to a stroke.
Latterly, as her hearing declined, she insisted that "I should do something about my worsening speech defect.
Because of his speech defect, he couldn't yell for help.
He imitates the pronunciation of a person with a serious speech defect and of a child with severe cerebral palsy.
Topbilled by Bela Padilla and JC Santos, the movie is about a guy with a speech defect who turns to writing poetry to verbalize his feelings for a girl who has passion for music.
It accompanied a story telling how "he conquered a speech defect with the help of an Australian specialist, later honoured as Sir Lionel Logie".
The ex-world middleweight and super middleweight champ hopes to cure his speech defect by closing the gap in his front teeth and lengthening his others.
The man has a slight speech defect and wore dark clothing.
Unfortunately he has a bit of a speech defect and he struggles through the play.
The time honoured tradition of giving a baby or toddler a soother might buy a parent a few moments of peace and quiet in the short term -but in the long term,children could be at risk of developing a speech defect or arched teeth.
Mr Patterson later underwent operations for mouth cancer and suffers from a speech defect.
Mr Carpenter, who has a severe speech defect, required a translator at the hearing which will continue later this year.