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The barrister also said Imiela was heavily tattooed and had a speech defect.
No doubt those "friends" who do it would think twice about making fun of a disabled person, but somehow or other they've decided your speech defect is fair game.
Apparently it wasn't even Jake's jokes they objected to - he sends up his own speech defect - but sexual material by his colleague Dolly Fox, who doesn't stammer at all.
ASK me for my opinion of the ubiquitous Paul Ross, and I will instantly adopt his brother Jonathan's curious speech defect, so I can legitimately describe him as a man who offers the nation "top wank entertainment".
Once energetic and sporting, he is now housebound, can have up to 30 fits a day, has a speech defect which makes it difficult to express himself, and is completely dependant on his parents.
A speech therapist recently told me that if the piercing damages the tendon in the tip of the tongue, a lifelong speech defect can result.
He was in a coma for five weeks, has a permanent speech defect and shakes down his right side.
The nine-year-old girl, who suffered head injuries in the attack which has left her with a speech defect, has already given detectives vital new leads.
It warned that psychological problems in childhood have a more severe long-term impact than physical conditions such as speech defects because they persist through life, reports the Daily Mail.
Many of the community's children display signs of psychological trauma such as speech defects, insomnia and bed-wetting.
THE great dummy debate which has perplexed parents for years has been reignited after more evidence was presented linking prolonged use to childhood speech defects.
THE great dummy debate, which has perplexed parents for years, has been reopened after more evidence was presented linking prolonged use to childhood speech defects.