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an annual day in the schools when speeches are made and prizes are distributed

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S); INVITATION: Speech Day at Hillhouse Secondary Technical School, 1957; PLAYERS: Hillhouse Secondary Technical School U15 rugby team in the 1956-7 season.
I READ with interest your piece about Speech Day at King Henry VIII School and mention of the late Mr Herbert Walker, the then headmaster.
Accounts of Byron's three Speech Day performances form the backbone of the book; flanking these chapters are others that are designed to provide biographical background pertinent to Elledge's analyses of those performances.
Byron delivered three orations on Speech Day while at school, personating King Latinus in a recitation of the debate in Latium from the Aeneid, Book XI, subsequently Zanga, the villainous Moor from Edward Young's The Revenge, and finally King Lear (without the Fool) in the storm scene.
And for the first time in living memory, Harrow public school was forced to cancel its speech day.
All proceeds will go directly to the Love Hope Strength cancer charity, set up by The Alarm's frontman Mike Peters who is the school's speech day speaker later this year.
PARENTS' responsibilities do not end when their children leave school, said Professor J R Denny (West Riding Professor of Music at Leeds University, who was the special guest speaker at Huddersfield High School Speech Day in the Town Hall.
He also stole from fellow clergymen and robbed the school where he took prayers once a week and were he presented speech day prizes.
It invited back old boy and comedian Rowan Atkinson to their last speech day.
At the RGS annual prize giving and speech day, Dr Trafford said: "Education Secretary Michael Gove and his team do battle with Stephen Twigg putting the case for the Opposition.
Speaking at the Royal Grammar School's annual prize-giving and speech day in Newcastle, Dr Trafford said Mr Gove "and his team do battle with Stephen Twigg putting the case for the Opposition".
These will only be approved on budget speech day, 29 June 2011, and become effective from 1 July.
I glowed like the mother of a school swot who wins all the book tokens at his speech day.
Certainly that is what some of the parents thought on the occasion of the annual speech day at Liverpool Institute, then a traditional grammar school of ink pots, mortarboards and swishing gowns.