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an annual day in the schools when speeches are made and prizes are distributed

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My last speech day was on November 23, 1961 when I was fortunate to be presented with the lower sixth form chemistry prize by Sir Arnold Hall, the managing director of Bristol Siddeley Engines.
In the next section, Elledge returns to Byron's letter and considers the psychological context of his next Speech Day performance, tracing not only the complexities but also the theatricality, the staginess, of Byron's relationship to his mother.
Byron identified himself with his roles, and Speech Day was for him a proleptic run at what Elledge suggests was a 'Childe Harrow's Pilgrimage' in which everything external became self-reflexive theatre.
The Global Speech Day 2002 event engaged both a business and technology audience, covering topics such as R.
These will only be approved on budget speech day, 29 June 2011, and become effective from 1 July.
I glowed like the mother of a school swot who wins all the book tokens at his speech day.
Certainly that is what some of the parents thought on the occasion of the annual speech day at Liverpool Institute, then a traditional grammar school of ink pots, mortarboards and swishing gowns.
PRAISE the Lord for an end to the speech day season, in which mumbling gown-clad duffers and their ill-chosen guests (usually former alleged alumni) induce terminal boredom by reading ill-prepared prose off cards, often beginning with that nauseating old favourite; "The Oxford dictionary definition of (whatever) is.
The speech day followed best-ever A level and GCSE results for the school which last year went fully co-educational for the first time in its 446-year history.
It was the first speech day for these 11-year-olds, of which Brenda's son Peter was one.
The youngster will be expected to set an example to other pupils and will have to propose a vote of thanks on speech day in Durham Cathedral.
Mr Arkell, 60, made his comments during his annual Speech Day address at the private Gresham's School in Holt, Norfolk.
After Haybridge High School - where he was proud to return to hand out prizes on speech day three years ago - he worked for a year at his father Peter's scaffolding company.
Global Speech Day features top business and technical minds leading the way in the deployment of and vision for speech solutions and services.
Right: girls from Longley Hall School on stage at Huddersfield Town Hall at speech day in 1954.