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Spheres of Argument (Annandale, VA: Speech Communication Association, 1989), 211-215.
The effects of a steady diet of negative political advertising on the electorate can be counterproductive, according to research by Schenck-Hamlin and David Procter, head of the university's Department of Speech Communication, Theater, and Dance.
Acknowledgment: Two representatives to the Commission have been elected or appointed from each of these organizations: International Communication Association, National Communication Association (formerly Speech Communication Association), Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, International Public Relations Association, and The International Association of Business Communicators, The Association for Women in Communications (formerly Women in Communications), and the Institute for Public Relations Research and Education have elected to send one delegate each to the Commission.
Because much pathbreaking work on women's racial/ethnic diversity in other fields has been done by scholars of color, the dearth of such work in linguistics and speech communication may be due, in part, to the small number of women of color who are speech communication and language scholars, and the even smaller number, in speech communication in particular, who have been willing to focus on questions of gender and to embrace what they understand to be the available feminist approaches to the study of communication.
Gaudino, executive director of the Speech Communication Association, clarified this position to me by explaining that associations "exist to communicate," whereas profit-seeking businesses "communicate to exist" and to make money.
Long also serves on the development board for UALR's Department of Speech Communication and as second vice chair on the executive committee for the Leadership Development Council of the Southern Wholesalers Association.
in higher education leadership from the University of Kansas, a master of arts degree in communication studies from the University of Michigan and a bachelor of science degree in speech communication from Northern Michigan University.
The elmeg VoIP-VPN gateway reportedly supports all popular network protocols and the SIP standard to provide speech communication through any SIP carrier.
The tutorial called Go for the Gold is assigned in the General Education Speech Communication courses.
Adrienne Zahler, chairwoman of the Speech Communication Department at LAVC, asked Smith to initiate the program two weeks before the start of the semester this year.
The worlds of speech communication particularly and the human sciences more generally were ready for systematic and concerted studies of argument theory and practice.
Background: Cates, who has served on the faculty at Valdosta State since 1993, taught communication arts before becoming area head for speech communication, followed by department head in communication arts, interim assistant dean and then associate dean.
He provides information about speech communication, including speech perception; auditory assessment and therapy, with discussion of the Glendonald Auditory Screening Procedure (GASP
With the addition of VoIP the solution enables speech communication between staff and patients without the nurse having to physically visit a room or the patient having to leave their bed.