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a mirror (especially one made of polished metal) for use in an optical instrument

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a medical instrument for dilating a bodily passage or cavity in order to examine the interior

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Like the crystal which refracts the sunlight in a profusion of colors, the speculum of the dream vision "colors" that which it "orders.
After the Pap smear, the speculum is removed and the examiner will place two fingers inside your vagina and the other hand on your abdomen.
The Latin Speculum Indusorum, probably of fourteenth-century English origin, recommends that the book be read in English or French if necessary.
Rubio, in his analysis of Alfonso's will, stated that the words of the King were a 'clear reference to the translation of the Speculum Historiale of Vincent of Beauvais which St Louis, king of France and cousin of Alfonso, gave him as a present' ('clara alusion a la traduccion del Speculum Historiale de Vincente de Beauvais que le habia regalado su primo S.
The sealed tube is taped to the end of the speculum blade, providing a quality and quantity of light that cannot be matched by any external light source.
Made of the "highest quality German stainless steel," the speculum resembles an instrument of torture or a prop from a Hitchcock film.
All women who are undergoing surveillance for gynecologic cancers should receive physical examinations that include a pelvic exam with a speculum and bimanual exam with rectovaginal exam.
1) A 100-mm visual analog scale (VAS) was used to assess pain at each step of the procedure, including at baseline (before speculum insertion), after speculum placement, tenaculum placement, uterine sound, IUD insertion, and 5 minutes after speculum removal.
Your doctor will gently insert an instrument called a speculum into your vagina.
In my recent edition of the Middle English instructional poem Speculum Vitae, I promised that not all copies of the text have been identified.
Su obra principal es el Speculum maius, estructurado en Libellus apologeticus, Speculum naturale, Speculum doctrinale y Speculum historiale.
The doctor or nurse will examine you using an instrument called a speculum that fits into the vagina and allows them to scrape some cells from the cervix.
Despite the great promise of silvered mirrors made by Leon Foucault in France and others, the overly cautious members of the Southern Telescope Committee doubted the ability of glassmakers to cast a large blank and regarded speculum metal as the tried and tested material.
He cited data suggesting that the pain of speculum insertion may lead women to delay pelvic exams--87% reporting it a "significant barrier"--and called for efforts to minimize that pain.