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Synonyms for speculator


Synonyms for speculator

one who speculates for quick profits

a person engaged in buying and selling

Synonyms for speculator

someone who makes conjectures without knowing the facts

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someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains

References in classic literature ?
Then speculators buy up the ground and sell, but the original owner is given the first choice by the government at a stated price before the speculator is permitted to purchase.
I had one child after I come here; and I thought then I'd have one to raise, cause Mas'r wasn't a speculator.
In the morning also, all the sworn criers of the good city of Paris had traversed the quarters of the city, particularly the halles and the faubourgs, announcing with their hoarse and indefatigable voices, the great justice done by the king upon two speculators, two thieves, devourers of the people.
Half of that came on just one day, when a speculator company snapped up all the petrol cargoes.
The foreign speculator will be able to earn something, but not much,' Marchenko said.
Prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission are set to conduct raids and launch criminal investigations against a Tokyo speculator and another person for allegedly manipulating the share price of a Nagoya-based information technology company in 2005, investigative sources said Tuesday.
An astute speculator has neither the product or industry knowledge of the company trader or the low transaction costs nor the transaction speed of the floor trader, but has one overwhelming advantage--he or she does not have to speculate unless all the probabilities are in his or her favor--the power to "say no" is an invaluable asset.
Hedging is the process of transferring risk to another person, and generally it is the speculator who is prepared to take on the price risk.
First, I have three words of advice for speculators, then three words for northerners in general, and finally, three words for politicians If you are a speculator, buy metal stocks.
One speculator spent pounds 2million on 10 flats for investors at the Glasgow Harbour development.
The Wolverhampton-based former building society that is now owned by Halifax is about to launch the limited-edition Speculator Bond.
He cites Global Financial Traders' Daily Speculator, which was sued last year by the SEC "for allegedly bilking investors out of more than $5.
WHEN ARMINID FRAGA NETO WAS APPOINTED PRESIDENT of Brazil's Central Bank last February, opponents viii fled him as a "poacher turned gamekeeper," since he had spent his previous five years overseeing the investments of billionaire speculator George Soros, whose hedge funds are widely credited with crushing Third World currencies.
A speculator just needs a trade that will last until the market makes its next move--and that can be instantaneous.
One house being bought by an overseas speculator in the middle of a housing crisis is too many.