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Synonyms for speculative

Synonyms for speculative

concerned primarily with theories rather than practical matters

Synonyms for speculative

not financially safe or secure

Related Words

not based on fact or investigation


showing curiosity

References in classic literature ?
He caught her curious and speculative eyes fixed on his hands, and, being in explanatory mood, he said:-
He looked over the remainder of the team with a speculative eye that summed up instantly the salient traits of each animal.
Some madly speculative builder was evidently trying to turn Crickgelly into a watering-place.
He was a man of a restless and speculative turn of mind.
There are two other chances of finding her (of a more speculative kind) which can only be tested by inducing two men (both equally difficult to deal with) to confess what they know.
When a purely speculative discovery is announced to the public, it cannot be done with too much prudence.
He also becomes more dogmatic and constructive, passing beyond the range either of the political or the speculative ideas of the real Socrates.
As he leaned there, he ran a calm and speculative eye over us, as though to determine the precise point of the collision, and took no notice whatever when our pilot, white with rage, shouted, "Now you've done it
If it is strange for me to look back from a distance both in time and space on these bygone adventures of our youth, it must be stranger for you who tread the same streets--who may to-morrow open the door of the old Speculative, where we begin to rank with Scott and Robert Emmet and the beloved and inglorious Macbean--or may pass the corner of the close where that great society, the L.
Razumov on the strength of some old, utterly misinterpreted exchange of ideas--some sort of idle speculative conversation--months ago--I am told--and completely forgotten till now by Mr.
Razumov," queried the General meditatively, after a short silence, "do you often indulge in speculative conversation?
But as I am not aware that any worse consequence ensued, than a sudden looking-up of all the parasols and silk stockings in the market; and perhaps the bankruptcy of some speculative New Englander who bought them all up at any price, in expectation of a demand that never came; I set no great store by the circumstance.
Ogg's were not beguiled by any wide speculative conceptions; but they had their favorite abstraction, called Society, which served to make their consciences perfectly easy in doing what satisfied their own egoism,--thinking and speaking the worst of Maggie Tulliver, and turning their backs upon her.
Rents in the Midlands were one of the first regions to see a significant jump, with deals on speculative space at the start of the year breaching the PS6 mark.
Synopsis: "Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology" gathers an impressive selection of feminist speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more) chosen by one of the most respected editorial teams in speculative literature today, the award-winning Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.