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capable of reflecting light like a mirror


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Furthermore, it can be assumed that the impact of lightness on the perceived gloss may possibly be more pronounced in case of textured specimens having a lower gloss since for such specimens, the relative contribution from bulk scattering to the specularly reflected light will be larger than for high gloss (smooth) specimens.
Extending the radiosity method to include specularly reflecting and translucent materials, ACM Transactions onGraphics, Vol.
Ono writes: "The apparent emissivity has deep minima around d = 0[degrees] at which specularly reflected radiation escapes through the lateral hole.
Thus, specularly reflected as well as diffracted multiples can be attenuated simultaneously.
This is valid if neutrons are reflected specularly from a horizontal mirror and if any influence of a scatterer, or that of any other force, is negligible to those neutrons which penetrate through the slit.
The specularly disturbing, paranoia-prompting uncertainties of author and reader brought about by both inscriptive frame and inscribed content leads to a recontainment of disruptive effects by returning to a kind of materiality in the same moment of its flickering virtuality.
Is it transparent or opaque, specularly or diffusely reflecting?
Guivarc'h flopped specularly at St James' Park and when Rangers came calling a second time he again knocked them back in the hope that another English club would come in for him.
The amount of light that is reflected specularly depends on the index of refraction and the smoothness of the surface.
Clearly, for such an antenna, the orientation of the antenna face should be controlled so that the antenna surface is never seen specularly in the threat zone (that may well require the beam to be squinted away from the normal to the array surface).