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capable of reflecting light like a mirror


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Accenture and Specular Theorys Behind the Style experience was selected from more than 450 nominations submitted by a variety of major brands and agencies.
SAILSTAD & PEIFFER, (1981) evaluated corneas from healthy rabbits using specular microscopy and reported that average number of cells for rabbits was 2998 cells per [mm.
The measurements show that for near specular flash angles (-15, 15, 25 o) coating B is darker than A, and for far away from specular flop angles (75 and 110 o), coating B is lighter than A.
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Figure 5 shows the influence of the degree of abrasion damage due to the paper grade on the specular gloss measured at 60[degrees] and 85[degrees].
The reduction in specular count was not statistically significant P value (0.
In our previous study, (28) high correlations were attained between visually assessed specular gloss, DOI, and OP, and their instrumentally measured equivalents.
8mm, we could estimate the specular reflective IR-LEDs' size and the size of the specular reflective rectangle based on the triangular similarity whose base and height were 5 inches and 307.
The cabinets combine long wave and short wave eight watt ultraviolet light sources with specular aluminum reflectors to assure maximum intensity and exceptional fluorescent contrast, according to the company.
The CM-5 uses a large sphere with a gloss trap to measure sample with specular (di:8[degrees]) or without specular (de:8[degrees]) components of the surface and a newly developed monochromator with 10nm interval from 360-740nm.
Moreover, a recent development in using an angle-resolved light scattering technique for the measurement of the specular and off-specular reflectance of the UV-exposed specimens is also demonstrated, and the optical scattering data are compared to the gloss and the roughness results.
All three series of luminaires use specular aluminum reflectors that are precision formed of 95 percent reflectance Alanod MIRO[R]4, have housings that are powder coated and can be mounted with a two-point chain or an aircraft cable hanger.
The color effect of interest is one in which the lightness changes with angle, appearing lightest near specular (gloss) reflection of the illumination and decreasing as the angle of view moves away.
His study of the genre includes discussions of specular shapes of time in the house of Hawthorne's romance, regathering romance from the traumata of rememory in Morrison's Beloved, and marriage as a new life remembering.