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a mirror (especially one made of polished metal) for use in an optical instrument

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a medical instrument for dilating a bodily passage or cavity in order to examine the interior

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He cross-references permissions with institutions to follow the career of a rector, even showing when certain rectors would, after ordination, change a Cum ex eo dispensation to a Super specula license.
Welch Allyn says that the KleenSpec Single Use LED Vaginal Specula are 100% acrylic and designed with smooth, molded edges to deliver maximum patient comfort.
his specula, in particular the De eruditione, served as models for later
There are specula with a semisoft sleeve midway down the shaft, but I have not found they are any less likely to cause the child to cry, because as anyone knows who has stuck a Q-tip swab into their ear canal, it is sensitive skin.
Effect of lid specula and superior rectus traction on intraocular pressure.
San Agustin, en concreto, es el autor del mundo antiguo y medieval que mas veces ha utilizado la voz speculum o specula.
Dr John Logan, consultant in public health medicine for NHS Lanarkshire, said: "Concerns were raised about the use of vaginal specula in the Clarkston Medical Practice in Airdrie and a detailed investigation has concluded that good practice was not always followed between April 2000 and November 2003.
The present volume forms the catalog of an exhibit and conference held at Stanford University in 2001, celebrating the acquisition of a nearly complete collection of Kircher's published works by Stanford's library (save one, Specula Melitensis, 1638, and even that work can be consulted at Stanford, reprinted in another volume).
The Sabre Medical Field Exam Kit contains a waterproof All-in-One Otoscope with a 6,000-candlepower xenon bulb, 8 disposable specula, 5 cerumen removal attachments, a 90[degrees] bent light rod, and a spare bulb.
Contract awarded for Vaginal Specula For Dr Jorge Cesfam Sabat.
In a pilot study conducted at Indiana University Indianapolis, four senior-level cytotechnologists were just as likely to report the presence of lubricant on smears taken using nonlubricated specula as they were on smears taken with lubricated ones, said Dr.
The Trecento reader could recall two associations: first Pampinea's recent indictment of women's pride in their appearances, and then the understanding of holy lives as specula, as proclaimed by Cavalca and Dini.