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Nevertheless, spectrum trading will be permitted only for spectrum that has been acquired through a pricing arrangement that represents its market value (i.e.
Spectrum subject to Administrative Cost Recovery or other forms of nominal pricing will not be traded.
Why Methods Other Than Spectrum Sharing Will Not Occur 491
Electromagnetic spectrum plays an instrumental role in the daily
The PI document outlined some of MCMC's preliminary positions relating to the proposed optimum bandwidth for each spectrum band, the award mechanism (tender or direct conversion), the timeline for the allocation process and broad principles to determine spectrum fees, it said.
"As we seek to lead the world in next generation broadband networks such as 5G, ensuring agencies are operating efficiently and effectively on federally-held spectrum and repurposing additional spectrum for commercial use is more critical than ever," said Matsui.
Research shows that unreasonably high spectrum prices are typical in developing countries, which look at them as an easy way to meet immediate budgetary goals, with little regard to longer-term objectives.
Furthermore, Imad Memon, Director General (Licensing) PTA, said that the training proved to be a valuable experience, one which addressed current and future Spectrum management challenges.
"Operators urgently need more spectrum to deliver the endless array of services that 5G will enable - our 5G future depends heavily on the decisions governments are making in the next year as we head into WRC-19," said Brett Tarnutzer, Head of Spectrum, GSMA.
Federated Wireless is the wireless industry through the shared spectrum revolution, unlocking a spectrum of possibilities by eliminating the decades-old problem of spectrum scarcity.
The amount of spectrum assigned to a telco has an impact on the cost to build capacity, overall network performance, ability to offer new multimedia services, and general customer experience of wireless services.
The effort to free up radio spectrum has been an interest of the agencies since the passing of the Spectrum Pipeline Act of 2015, which allocated funds for federal agencies to consolidate spectrum use and make available more of the spectrum that is in high demand for wireless internet services.
After Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved a policy directive for the auction of unsold next generation mobile services (NGMS) spectrum with a base price of $295 million, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all set to hold auction for NGMS spectrum (3G/4G) on May 16, 2017.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 13, 2017-Straight Path announces settlement with the FCC in connection with wireless spectrum licenses