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Plyler had constructed what was probably the most advanced high-resolution infrared instrument in the world at that time and had brought in several young spectroscopists including Arthur Maki, Walter Lafferty (shown in Fig.
I was extremely fortunate to be hired as a biophysical chemist and NMR spectroscopist by the Chemistry department at the University of Alberta, beginning January, 1970.
Ravel, Atoms: Crystallography for the x-ray absorption spectroscopist, J.
DiFilippo has taken on the position of sales and marketing associate; Barbara McElheny has been hired as a spectroscopist in the infrared laboratory; and William J.
The company hired Barbara McElheny as a spectroscopist in its infrared laboratory.
In the March 2012 S&T, British amateur spectroscopist Robin Leadbeater reported that more than 800 spectra taken by amateurs had been added to the wealth of data that now helps astronomers understand the strange eclipsing cloud.
First, to become fully competent as an experimental NMR spectroscopist, able to use multidimensional techniques for the study of proteins, and, second, to get familiar with the latest-developments in methods for site-directed mutagenesis and protein purification.
The infrared spectroscopist has a diverse array of sampling techniques for surface analysis.
We're pleased that there is an analytical award," says mass spectroscopist Robert Cotter of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
The method requires no sample preparation, and an experienced spectroscopist can determine at a glance after a 30 s scan what polymer is present.
Before sailing back to England, he also met with three other prominent astronomers who were returning from observing the eclipse at Elche in Spain (Figure 22): Norman Lockyer; Ralph Copland (1837-1905), Astronomer Royal for Scotland, and the spectroscopist, Alfred Fowler (1868-1940).
That picture changed when a young JPL spectroscopist, Ralph Milliken, found evidence in MRO data for a clay mineral called nontronite in Gale.
Unlike the situation in astrophysics, it is possible to address dynamic range issues in NMR, since the spectroscopist literally holds the sample in his hands.
1982 MARY GOOD Spectroscopist and vice chair of National Science Board 1983 JAMES SHOOLERY Developer of NMR spectroscopy, Varian Associates 1984 EDWARD DAVID, JR.
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