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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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Since as far back as 1890, Spica has been known as a spectroscopic binary star with two giant blue components orbiting each other every 4.
MULTIPURPOSE SPECTROGRAPH You can view the solar spectrum or split spectroscopic binary stars with Shelyak Instruments' LHIRES III Spectrograph ($3,295).
Astronomers recently used the CHARA Array to follow the components of the bright spectroscopic binary 12 Persei around their orbit to yield precise masses for both stars.
The primary star also happens to be an unresolved spectroscopic binary with a period of 2.
The brighter one is itself a spectroscopic binary, whose members are too close to split visually but disclose their existence by the way their overlapping spectral lines shift as they move about each other.
JUNE 19 Delta Librae is a spectroscopic binary, but with a period of only 2.
The 13th-magnitude pair, WR 20a in Carina, is a double-lined spectroscopic binary.
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