spectroscopic analysis

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The impedance spectroscopic analysis of the nanocomposite electrolytes was carried out to evaluate the ionic conductivity.
Claisse engages in the design, production and sale of consumables and instruments used to prepare consistent and comparable samples for spectroscopic analysis in mining, pharmaceutical, academic research and industrial applications.
We know this from spectroscopic analysis of the light that it shines, which tells us all about what material is present in its core.
Since preliminary spectroscopic analyses for NISs I and II in the UV/Vis and fluorimetric regions showed similar spectra for the two compounds, only the spectroscopic analysis of NYS I will be shown.
Longer wavelengths, which propagate deeper into the sediment volume, are used for imaging and spectroscopic analysis of buried objects that lay proud on the seabed.
The infrared spectroscopic analysis of the compound shows absorption bands at [3440.
Our detailed spectroscopic analysis reveals that this red-giant star, BD+48 740, contains an abnormally high amount of lithium, a rare element created primarily during the Big Bang 14 billion years ago," Adamow said.
Pigment particle characterization and spectroscopic analysis are just two of the subjects that the sessions' speakers will address.
Wachs in the field of operando molecular spectroscopy of catalytic processes, which involves simultaneous spectroscopic analysis of catalytic surface events and online analysis of reaction products that allows the development of fundamental structure-activity relationships, with the expertise of Dr.
Coverage encompasses such topics as vibrational spectroscopic analysis and quality assessment of rice, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, and fish; and infrared spectroscopic analysis of wheat and wine (and other alcoholic beverages), among other applications.
The LipiScan IVUS system employs proprietary optical imaging technology to overcome the challenges of heart motion, blood interference, and vascular access to perform NIR spectroscopic analysis of the vessel and produce a chemical map of lipid-core plaque called a Chemogram.
Near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopic analysis, can be provided via a fiber optic inserted as a probe into the fermentation vessel.
SWOPP (Sapphire Window Optical Process Probes) now available from Celsum Technologies fit into standard transducer ports on extruders, injection moulding machines, fluid transfer lines, reaction vessels, and laboratory instruments to allow on-line spectroscopic analysis using techniques such as FTIR, Raman, NIR, and UV.
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