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an optical instrument for spectrographic analysis

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Cardboard box spectroscopes can be easily designed and made by students.
Cell biologists at IGB use a specially developed Raman spectroscope jointly designed and built with physicists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques (IPM) in Freiburg.
The Vision Shield Insepect4 with the new imaging spectroscope is especially designed to meet the highest requirements for producing clean cotton for further processing.
Sections include descriptions of the various designs of spectroscopes available today, as well as designs you can build yourself.
Instead of relying on liquid nitrogen as most similar spectroscopes do, the germanium-based GeMini employs a small electromechanical cooler that allows the device to maintain cryogenic temperature.
After having long toiled with flames and spectroscopes in the laboratory, the great man spent years writing up his work for publication.
Next on the list, said Barsukov, is a polar-orbiting satellite of earth's moon, equipped with a camera, X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopes and other instruments, in a path about 100 kilometers about the lunar surface.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of spectroscopes and support services.
At last year's gathering amateurs presented papers on obtaining high-precision light curves of asteroids and variable stars; using video cameras for asteroid occultations, Jovian satellite mutual events, and meteors; using spectroscopes to monitor the spectra of eclipsing and pulsating variable stars; and using polarimeters to examine the light-scattering properties of material in and around various celestial objects.
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