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spectroscope for obtaining a mass spectrum by deflecting ions into a thin slit and measuring the ion current with an electrometer

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a) The Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (MS/MS) must interface, and fully
Li's multichannel spectrometer can measure up to eight different samples at once using a common test called ELISA, or colorimetric test enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, that identifies antibodies and color change as disease markers.
Tornado's HyperFlux spectrometers deliver significantly enhanced sensitivity by using a patented high-throughput virtual slit (HTVS) to eliminate the physical slit of a conventional spectrometer and avoid signal losses while maintaining high spectral resolution, allowing for faster measurements, lower detection limits, and reduced laser power operation.
Unlike other spectrometer designs, the proposed spectrometer does not yield a direct measurement of the spectrum of interest (Fig.
Frequency of Lab Spectrometer Use Several Times/Month 17% Rarely 18% Daily 45% Several Times/Week 20% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The benefit to marrying miniature fiber optic-based spectrometers to smartphone applications comes from the modularity, low cost, and compact size of these spectrometers, the company reports.
an optical channel which comprises a miniature fixed diffraction-network and Diode Array detector and USB interface spectrometer connected to portable computer meant to chemical element qualitative and quantitative analysis of the material brought to plasma state by a heat process of the above mentioned ones
A new accessory from Ocean Optics is broadening the range of applications for its field-portable spectrometers.
The specially prepared, certified specimens of Cr18Ni10Ti high-alloy austenitic steel and AK12MMgN (AL30) high strength cast piston aluminium alloy were used for testing the analytical possibilities of the SPECTRO xSORT spectrometer.
13]C CP spectra of 19 soils and 5 humic extracts acquired on a 300 MHz spectrometer at a MAS rate of 15kHz contained substantially less carboxyl and aryl signal than those acquired on a 100MHz spectrometer at a MAS rate of 4 kHz.
The 900 MHz instrument in Ottawa is the latest generation digital Avance II NMR spectrometer manufactured by Bruker BioSpin and is equipped with a number of solid-state NMR probes, for both magic angle spinning (MAS) and static, capable of wide range of multinuclear NMR experiments.
In addition, the spectrometer reduces time to measure lead to about 30 seconds, 1/10 to 1/2 the time the conventional model takes.
At Eagle crater, Opportunity's Mossbauer spectrometer, which is sensitive to iron-rich minerals, revealed that many there contain iron-based salts in concentrations of 5 to 10 percent.
Ocean Optics has introduced a new spectrometer model that is reportedly the smallest high-resolution spectrometer available.