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a spectroscope by which spectra can be photographed

a photographic record of a spectrum

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Before the experiments with Raman scattering spectrography the level of drug resistance of the bacteria was determined using standard biological and chemical methods.
The standard model A is noisy at low flow rates (full spectrum), the new models 1 and 2 show highly significant lower noise, especially at frequencies above 300 Hz, the standard model B is in lower flow rates significant quieter than the standard model A (Fast Fourier Analysis as spectroscopy and spectrography during 5 sec, Hamming-window, 20 Hz-20 kHz, FFT Size 8192, Sequoia DC2, 64 bit, Magix Software GmbH, Berlin, Germany), noise map legend see Figure 3.
Features of wide and narrow band spectrography as for vocal emission of men with larynx without diseases.
"Spectrography: Tracing the Ghosts" will run through April 12 at Depo.
Vocal Spectrography: This is a recording or picture of sound waves during speech.
As for the analyses of volatile components in TCM, gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrography (GC-MS) are the most popular ways to determine volatile components in TCM.
1999), atomic emission spectrography (AES), calibrated to international standards with low background limits, was used to measure 13 elements of < 1 mm size fraction of each sample and the spectrum lines were deciphered by microdensitometer DM-100.
SPECTROGRAPHY HAS BEEN USED in singing research and instruction for many years.
Two years later, [18] and [2] presented a map of the Niger Delta showing the isopleths of oil concentration as measured by infrared spectrography, thus improving the information available a great deal, although not to full satisfaction.
"These complexes were detected by mass spectrography, infrared, ultraviolet, and nucleus magnetic resonance.
The applications addressed in the book include, among others, a LADAR guidance system using prism pairs, aplanatic prism spectrography, a reflecting wedge prism for an optical reader, and inversion prisms for range finders.
In this work, the articulation of consonants m, n, n, n, l, l', and r in three distinctive quantities (Q1, Q2, Q3) was studied using static roentgenography, lateral cinefluorography, traditional and direct palatography and filming of lip articulations synchronized with sound spectrography and oscillography.