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The second window shows the spectrographic analysis of the same word.
To corroborate this, Marian Campbell, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the V&A, gave evidence that she would not have relied on any spectrographic analysis in any analysis of the Collar.
Participants uniformly found the spectrographic analysis software helpful in increasing their vocal awareness.
The researchers are now looking at automating the spectrographic analysis and species identification process.
The spectrographic analysis allowed the comparison of the speech source files with both the clipped and restored files using a software program that transformed the voice information to produce a time (horizontal axis) versus frequency (vertical axis) versus energy (gray-scaling) display for a specific time period (see Figures 8 and 9 in the Results section below).
A detailed spectrographic analysis was made of 469 great-calls, which revealed that six of the 45 variables measured could accurately differentiate between agile and Muller gibbons: (1) Number of great-call notes, (2) Great-call rate of emission, (3) Number of climax notes, (4) Climax rate of emission, (5) Mid-climax note duration, and (6) Inter-climax note interval.
It incorporates the latest Horiba/Stars control systems and a range of advanced exhaust measurement technologies, including spectrographic analysis.
They typically use compression to illustrate the application of theory, but progressive transmission of images, image denoising, spectrographic analysis, and edge detection are touched upon as well.
The methodology involves recording of a corpus of systematically designed sentences by a set of speakers, and spectrographic analysis of these materials.
All these samples are tested by spectrographic analysis for the presence of the trace elements, namely, V, G, Zn, Cu, Co, Ni, Pb, Mn, Ba, r, Cr and Zr.
Finally, in addition to these tests, numerous metal finds (those already analyzed and new ones as well) were further analyzed by means of the spectrographic analysis of nine elements.
In the design and implementation of the perception experiments, the results of which account for the bulk of PCOSD, she has exploited recent innovations in speech analysis software which allow sophisticated multi-parametric manipulation of sound signals by selective editing and resynthesis, besides equipping the researcher with a formidable battery of spectrographic analysis tools (with which one can, if desired, make durational measurements to within millionths of a second, and almost instantaneously extract huge volumes of data about frequency properties and acoustic intensity from digital files sampled thousands of times per second, just at the click of a mouse button).
Spectrographic analysis revealed noise at the higher frequencies.
While this knowledge allows managers to eliminate expenses from premature replacement of oil and filters, the greatest value of oil analysis may come from ferrographic or spectrographic analysis of the contaminants in the oil.