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Synonyms for spectrograph

a spectroscope by which spectra can be photographed

a photographic record of a spectrum

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In the acoustic spectrographic evaluation, an improvement of most analyzed aspects along therapy; tracing regularity improvement, as in the narrow-band spectrogram, as in the wide-band spectrogram; and an increase of tracing F2 and F3 intensity, after surgery.
The structures of the complexes are developed using the available electron spectrographic details[7,8].
The second window shows the spectrographic analysis of the same word.
Rosalind Franklin who collaborated with important spectrographic work, and ironically died in her early 30s of ovarian cancer, possibly of genetic origin, was not included as an author of the original paper.
What is meant to be revealed by this juxtaposition is the recursion of the alphabetic writing within spectrographic (alphanumeric) computation: Both techniques were invented for the analysis of the musicality of human speech.
Each aquatic component of the lake has a unique spectrographic signature.
A spectrographic illness being ground hematite as spore.
Scientists have used spectrographic analyses to find water signatures on other alien planets before, but only when those worlds passed in front of their parent stars.
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will make "utmost efforts to successfully launch" the Epsilon rocket and the satellite, which is a spectrographic planet observation satellite, minister Hakubun Shimomura told a news conference
As he made clear (when considering whether a reasonably competent appraiser would have expressed a conclusive view without undertaking spectrographic analysis) he commented:
Spectrographic analysis later showed it to be a type IIP.
Spectrographic analysis on another bottle revealed it likely contained Campana Italian Balm, a popular American hand lotion in the 1930s.
NATIONAL DAY OF NORWAY 1836: Sir Norman Lockyer, British astronomer who discovered helium by spectrographic analysis of sunlight, was born in Rugby.
He also presents several new designs and new sections on stabilized systems, the human eye, spectrographic systems, and diffractive systems.
But no one has ever said [that] the spectrographic data, the topographical data, suggests the existence of platinum here, or this mineral there.