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Synonyms for spectrograph

a spectroscope by which spectra can be photographed

a photographic record of a spectrum

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Beam spreading produces resolution loss and inconsistent images in spectrographs.
But the new system's designers chose to create something that would work with Subaru's existing spectrograph, not produce the highest-resolution images possible.
The sounding rocket payload, Colorado High-resolution Echelle Stellar Spectrograph or CHESS, launched from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.
With the telescope, you see all of the light together, but the spectrograph allows you to pick out different pieces; like this wavelength of light means that there is sodium, or this one means that there's water," Lockwood added.
According to the researchers, the spectrograph, an instrument employed by IRIS to separate the captured light into individual wavelengths, was pointed right into the heart of this flare when it reached its peak and the data obtained helped determining how different temperatures of material flows, giving scientists more insight into how flares work.
IRIS is equipped with an instrument called a spectrograph that can separate out the light it sees into its individual wavelengths, which in turn correlates to material at different temperatures, velocities and densities.
While photometrists have provided a very well observed lightcurve, see for example the AAVSO Light Curve Generator, (1) for the first time amateurs equipped with spectrographs have also contributed many observations.
Imaging spectrographs are optical instruments used to disperse and sharply focus light in the plane of dispersion, typically the horizontal or tangential plane of the instrument, onto a focal plane array detector.
In addition to WFC3, the SM4 included installation of the Ball-built Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS), an instrument 30 times more sensitive in the far-ultraviolet than earlier Hubble ultraviolet spectrographs.
The repair mission last May had four spacewalkers, working in two-man teams, carry out five back-to-back spacewalks to install six new stabilizing gyroscopes, six new nickel-hydrogen battery packs, a replacement data computer and two new instruments, the $132 million Wide Field Camera 3 and the $88 million Cosmic Origins Spectrograph.
With the exception of the telescope, the spectrograph and its predecessor the visual spectroscope have provided more insights into the physical nature of the celestial bodies than any other instrument, proclaims, Hearnshaw (astronomy, U.
After nearly two hours of work on the bolt, astronauts went back to the plan to bring the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph back from the dead.
He was joined by fellow Atlantis shuttle crew member Andrew Feustel, 43, to fit a pounds 58million spectrograph - a device to probe how planets, stars and galaxies are formed.
CNN and the Associated Press reported that a 17-year-old girl won a $100,000 scholarship for building an inexpensive but accurate spectrograph that identifies the "fingerprints" of different molecules.
They will also try to fix a spectrograph that has stopped working.