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a photographic record of a spectrum

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Enlargement of a single bat call showing oscillogram (top) and spectrogram (bottom).
In order to analyze it, we use various elements of acoustic analysis, such as waveform, spectrogram, and pitch contour as illustrated in Figure 1:
Table 1 Dates of deployment and recovery of autonomous acoustic digital spectrogram recorders used for analysis of production of courtship-associated sounds made by black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) at 2 sites in Puerto Rico (Mona Island and Bajo de Sico) and 1 site off southern Florida (Riley's Hump) during 2012-2014.
The left extremity was characterized as 'improper' (values close to zero), except for the parameters related to noise presence in the spectrogram, which were considered as opposite 9.
Then, the spectral bases of both speech and noise are together used to span the magnitude spectrogram of speech.
The spectrograms are shown at each channel according to channels distribution over scalp, with time ranging from 0 to 4 s and frequency ranging from 5 to 30 Hz.
To compare and analyze the noise situations of the two superchargers before and after improvement, the spectrograms at five different speeds were selected for comparison: 3600 r/min, 6600 r/min, 8400 r/min, 10,200 r/min, and 12,000 r/min.
Singing voice enhancement in monaural music signals based on two-stage harmonic/percussive sound separation on multiple resolution spectrograms.
The expected signature feature of a spilling breaker is therefore a gradual increase in the high-frequency noise, but this can not be detected in the spectrograms due to the presence of noise from wind-generated waves.
In the case of the wideband spectrograms, a good temporal resolution will be obtained.
So we get impulse response curves without detail--no scale presented--and spectrograms similarly without scale and really with no explanation of what they represent.
8 second intervals; these are believed to be artefacts introduced by the Fast Fourier Transform process used to derive the spectrograms.
But he soon found himself disenchanted by the spectrograms used to visually represent sound.
It records audio and generates spectrograms, a visual form of the audio that facilitates complex sound analysis.