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a photographic record of a spectrum

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An example of the dependence N(t) obtained as a result of loading a sample from the first group and a spectrogram with superimposed [sigma](N) is shown in Figure 3.
MFCCs, like the spectrogram coefficients, are calculated for each particular frame, and their evolution over time is in essence a TF feature.
In order to analyze it, we use various elements of acoustic analysis, such as waveform, spectrogram, and pitch contour as illustrated in Figure 1:
High amplitudes are denoted by bright colours such as yellow and red in the spectrogram.
Figure 2 exemplifies 10 s epochs of sleep EEG (Figures 2(a), 2(b), 2(c), and 2(d) top) and detected events (rectangles) in combination with color-coded spectrograms (Figures 2(a)-2(d), bottom).
Caption: Figure 6: The spectrograms of the original, watermarked, and recovered signal.
We propose the approach based on the analysis of subsignals obtained in time-frequency representation (spectrogram) of given signal.
As shown in Figures 2(b) and 2(c), the normal, premature ventricular contraction (PVC), and atrial premature contraction (APC) beats are segmented, and the corresponding MFSWT spectrograms were shown in Figures 2(b)~2(i).
Such time-frequency spectrograms are compared with the rod wave dispersion curves, obtained using Disperse software.
Figure 3 shows Spectrograms and waveforms of Babble noise of 0dB.
Measurement results for the famous USTER(r) value CVm are presented as easy-reference graphics, with diagrams, spectrograms and histograms.