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Namely: (1) Spectral Color Clustered Face Detection technique (SCC-FD) (2) Rayleigh Regional Geometric Classifier technique (RRGC) and (3) Wrinkle Textured Seed Point technique (WTSP).
We have now colorized the image with the spectral color that corresponds to the wavelength of that filtered image.
PRISMASTAR[R]--a New series of "rainbow effect" metallic inks that offer a unique spectral color shift similar to holographic foils--for flexo, gravure and screen printing.
MacFarlane conducted a normal survey of the land, but with new technology based on aerial photo spectral color analysis, coinciding surveys will become obsolete.
QA-Lite is a Windows 95-based quality assurance software package for displaying, analyzing and storing spectral color data.
The Color Engine utilizes spectral color information, which means that the user can specify-' the required light source when managing color.
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