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be a spectator in a sports event

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8 Hours Later 2015 event to take place on the highway and for the safety of those persons spectating and participating in the event.
SAN FRANCISCO -- With tens of millions of gamers now regularly spectating video games online and in real-world arenas, game developers looking to create the next ''StarCraft'' or ''League of Legends'' might learn a few lessons at this year's Game Developers Conference.
Crammed along the starting line were hunstarting line were hundreds of spectating friends, dreds of spectating friends, parents and siblings, who all let out a cheer as the all let out a cheer as the starting gun was fired starting gun was fired under warm sun and blue under warm sun and blue skies and once again as skies and once again as the runners crossed the runners crossed the finish line.
A total of 7500 of the gadgets were given away free by tourism group VisitScotland at the event and were snapped up by fans who used them to peer over crowds at spectating points around the undulating course.
Late joining, spectating and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the final Breeder fight if triggered without them.
4km Family Fun Run around Cardiff Civic Centre with hundreds more spectating.
Their topics include orienting early modern travel, geography and authority in the Royal Society's instructions for travelers, bodily transgression in Margaret Cavendish's Blazing World, Aphra Behn's Oroonoko and the new science, Galileo and the invention of lunar cartography, and spectating science in the early modern collection.
It might seem merely fresh at home but will feel a lot colder while spectating.
They have also rehoused themselves in a groundshare with Solihull Moors FC and from a spectating and entertainment point of view the move has been a success.
The 24-year-old made a shushing gesture to Masnour, who was spectating the game, and called on the fans to cheer for incumbent chief Mamdouh Abbas.
Now doubling up as cricket chairman, Williams has been confined to spectating since his pre-season blow.
Almost every night leading up to the Woodward Dream Cruise, I enjoy cruising and spectating with my family and friends," he said.
Summary: Whether competing or spectating, the Shin-kicking British and World Championships is not for the faint hearted.
Spectating, they say, lets us journey in an experience where we meet the unexpected, "chance upon and incur the improvisational, know and feel, and become acquainted with what is given" (ibid.