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be a spectator in a sports event

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GAMBLING WISDOM "Racing is the only sport in the world in which you can participate, spectate and socialise all at the same time" Peter Saville
In the meantime, the organisers would like to give a big thank you for all the sponsorship money that came from Racing Post readers and invite them to come along to the Animal Health Trust to spectate at their next show.
Pre-registration is the only way to play or spectate at any qualifier.
There are masses of Aussies in this country and with their fervent patriotism and desire to beat us at absolutely everything, I'm sure they'll come along in masses to spectate.
And he knows the best way of drawing more people not only to spectate but also to return and play the course is to attract the world's best players.
Or you can explore the country's dramatic history and heritage, spectate from the sidelines or take a more active role in a wide variety of pursuits from walking, golfing and fishing to the extreme sports of whitewater canoeing or microlighting -all with a backdrop of some of Britain's wildest and most beautiful scenery.
If you don't dance you can spectate and all the money goes to a good cause.
Drinking a pint of DPA at Thorndyke's during the Tour is the perfect way to spectate from the States," Dunn added.
West Midland players who wish to spectate are in for a real treat.
Spectators will be able to enjoy another thrilling afternoon of live athletics on the banks of the Tyne, which sees world-class athletes from around the globe compete alongside the very best of home-grown talent and best of all - it's still completely free to spectate.
Yorkshireman Sam Tord said: "I love Croft, the atmosphere's always really good and it's a great place to spectate at.
She said: "Old friends can spectate and catch up with each other.
It's amazing to be here but I'm not here to spectate I'm here to compete so I need to stay grounded.
I can confirm press and practice will be on Thursday March 10 at midday with the public welcome to spectate.