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in a spectacular manner


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Some of the women, most notably Lucy Westenra, are drawn spectacularly.
Another sentiment indicator is the media because they are invariably focused on what just has spectacularly happened (because that is what makes a good story) rather than what is about to happen.
And the pair of painted Styrofoam "leaping legs" that hung in the middle of the main room were a sort of deadpan version of the artist's many fantastical, often spectacularly dismembered life-size figures.
The West Coast premiere of McKayle's I've Known Rivers, a muscular solo set to a Langston Hughes poem, was spectacularly danced by guest artist Stephanie Powell.
But it did make me laugh out loud so I must thank her for at least one giggle during a spectacularly dull evening
You'll find that anecdote, and many more like it, in Hippie, a spectacularly designed (by Grant Scott) coffee table book from Sterling Publishing that is every bit as captivating, colorful, and self-congratulatory as the social type it describes.
Preborn babies of only 12 weeks gestation were shown in various activities, most spectacularly "toddling about" in the womb.
Cradled between the ocean and snow-capped mountains, Vancouver is one of North America's most spectacularly situated cities.
Australian companies using tax driven managed investment schemes saw the opportunities and have been spectacularly successful at establishing a large plantation estate.
This phenomenon is one more reason why the job of being a CEO these days is so spectacularly complex and high-risk.
By far the most popular answer, with 37 percent, was "natural beauty," which is somewhat odd when you consider the country's spectacularly thriving cosmetic industry and the massive number of people sporting dyed hair.
If White House officials were looking to break the campaign pledge about funding hateful religious figures, they succeeded spectacularly.
SOME ideas work spectacularly, some fail spectacularly.
Bureau whistle-blower Colleen Rowley, recall, described the FBI's handling of the pre-Black Tuesday terrorism inquiry as so spectacularly inept that some field agents joked that "spies or moles .