spectacled caiman

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caiman with bony ridges about the eyes

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Meanwhile, animal welfare officers in London were trying to find somewhere to house another spectacled cayman found abandoned in a telephone boxThe female was only 18 inches long when children found her in the phonebox in the centre of London.
Other groups in the area also act as nurseries to support the arrau river turtle, as well as the box turtle, the Orinoco crocodile, spectacled cayman, and the anaconda.
Narrow channels are filled with the sounds of a crowd of whistling sun bitterns and ducks and of hoatzins, a partridge-like bird, sheltered in overhanging branches, while darting spectacled caymans and shad splash ahead of the penero.
Anthony Quinn bought the Spectacled Cayman over the internet.
The Spectacled Cayman is one of the smaller species of alligator found in South America but has a reputation as a vicious killer.
The four-year-old spectacled cayman was trapped by officers using a dog cage.
Spectacled caymans are found in central and south America and will eat anything from reptiles to mammals.