spectacled caiman

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caiman with bony ridges about the eyes

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Reproductive ecology of the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) in the Venezuelan llanos.
De Sola R, Colomine G, Velasco A, Villarroel G (2000) Potentiality and current use of the populations of spectacled caiman subject to commercial use in Venezuela.
Last year, the animal charity rescued more than 3,700 unwanted or abandoned exotic animals in England and Wales, including a Misssissippi alligator kept in a pond liner in a 10ft bedroom, a spectacled caiman crocodile bought in a pub for pounds 20 and eight deadly snakes recovered from one home.
Two species are commonly found: the spectacled caiman, or jacare tinga, and the large black caiman, jacare acu.
The exotic animal collector, who also owns lizards, snakes and frogs, had been keeping the Spectacled Caiman in a lock-up at Snowdon Road, near the town centre.
As well as the primates, the team found three African dwarf crocodiles, a spectacled caiman, nine snakes - including boa constrictors and pythons - and two tortoises.
Conservation implications of commercial hunting of black and spectacled caiman in the Mamiraua Sustainable development Reserve, Brazil.
TV firsts in the series include tiny scarlet frogs sumo wrestling, baby worm-like caecilians feasting on their mother's skin, mother salamanders viciously defending their broods and spectacled caiman taking care of creches of up to 100 young.
The adaptation to the natural environment of the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) raised in captivity and released before the dry season (november-december 1992, 676 individuals) and at the beginning of the rainy season (April-July 1993, 496 individuals) in water bodies of El Cedral ranch, Apure state, Venezuela, was evaluated.
The spectacled caiman was found a new home at the Torremolinos crocodile park in Spain's Costa del Sol.
Anthony Quinn was desperate to get rid of the spectacled caiman because it had outgrown the bath of his 15th floor flat in Leith near Edinburgh.
Habitat use by american crocodile and the spectacled caiman coexisting along the Venezuelan coastal region.
Inspectors from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals swooped on the Selkirkshire town after a tip-off that the spectacled caiman was being kept without a licence.
The alligator, a Spectacled Caiman, is regarded by experts as being "very dangerous".