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wearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass

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ANIMALS p19 there are eight species of bear in the world - the North American black bear, the brown bear, the Asiatic black bear, the sloth bear, the polar bear, the panda bear, the sun bear and the spectacled bear.
POLICE found a 4ft spectacled caiman crocodile and 16 live snakes in an Essex house while searching it as part of a drugs investigation.
Snakes find shock POLICE found a 4ft spectacled caiman crocodile and 16 live snakes in an Essex house while searching it as part of a drugs investigation.
But the surprise performance of the day came from Omar Khalid in the Boys' U-16 category, the spectacled 13-year-old shooting a 77 to grab a share of the lead with Damil Attaullah.
No one else seems to care about the fog; even Warble begins to question whether there was a time before the fog, that is, until the appearance of 'Red-Hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile),' a girl who not only understands him but also is concerned about the fog.
Spectacled eiders are medium-sized sea ducks around 50 cm in length, and are listed as threatened in the U.
The spectacled or Andean bear, immortalised in the children's books by Michael Bond, has been hit by habitat destruction and just 4,000 remain.
Muthupalakkal Biju (43), who hailed from Mukkada near Erumely in Kottayam district, had helped catch a deadly spectacled cobra from near Ranni on Saturday after being summoned by local residents and forest department officials.
Corn and goats are the snacks of choice for spectacled bears.
Behind the orchid garden, I follow an overgrown path to the hotel's spectacled bear sanctuary where, being one of only two organisations operating in Peru, half the South American bear population resides.
Last week, the crew from Little Ray's Reptile Zoo visited the Twin Valley Zoo to pick up nine of their spectacled caiman crocs that were "vacationing" there during the summer.
Note: the Ottoman empire fell on a languid evening, evensong, Eve twined in flowers, a lowering flag, a lagging summer, a sum of spectacled things, hinge wisteria, the wistful bottle (ocean's middle), a mile-long valentine, tines of a missing fork, for no one, none, non.
Bears in warmer climates--sun bears, sloth bears, and spectacled bears have plenty of food all year.
The Spectacled Weaver is a species of Southern African bird in the Ploceidae family which includes birds such as Weavers, Queleas, Widowbirds.
Summary: Authorities in Peru have saved a four-month-old spectacled bear cub from poachers after her mother was attacked by hunters.