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optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

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Until recently, in India, a small semi-circular piece cut from the periphery of an old gramophone record used to be glued to the inside of the upper portion of a plastic spectacle frame to lift the drooping upper lid.
The ptosis crutch was fitted to a standard spectacle frame that was used during all of the testing sessions.
1) spectacle frame exposed by dipole (spectacle only), 2) SAM phantom head exposed by dipole (head only), and 3) SAM phantom head worn spectacles' frame exposed by dipole.
Teijin says that acetate is commonly used for spectacle frames, but that contact with cosmetics or hair-styling products can result in bleaching.
Sustainable living: World's first recycled spectacle frame - Spectacle frames from recycled materials and biodegradable packaging for "green living"
Titan Eyeplus plans to set up a new spectacle frame manufacturing plant at a cost of Rs 40 crore.
Another German brand Morgenrot also makes use of 3D printing technology to create spectacle frame with clip-on parts, providing various outlooks for sunglasses.
This can be confirmed by checking the amount of prism thinning surfaced at the prism reference point by taking equivalent amounts of prism from the trial set, correctly positioning the spectacle frame on the patient and simultaneously placing the trial lenses base up before each spectacle lens.
Data from the spectacle frame shape, position of wear, patient's facial anatomy, refractive error and lifestyle can all be utilised to create individualised progressive spectacle lens designs that maximise the usable field of view for distance, intermediate and near vision.
Relatively low in cost, some designs are able to compensate for +/- 3D of spherical ametropia by using the cog on the side of the spectacle frame.
The spectacle frame can aggravate skin irregularities such as moles and cysts.
Algha Works, famous for producing eyewear to celebrities, and the UK's last metal spectacle frame manufacturer, will showcase its skills and techniques.
ClickPress, Wed Nov 12 2014] Spectacle frame choice continued to be influenced by product price despite sunglasses brand choice being driven by fashion trends.
Taking all of the necessary measurements to produce a bespoke spectacle frame for a patient may be a daunting proposition for some.