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optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

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Richard Holesinger, county materials engineer, informally presented his draft spec.
Now Sony and Philips are floating a proposal to the industry for a "double-density" drive spec that would put 1.
Look at how Specs launched his article on base-running in the March 1968 issue:
If done right, under the right market conditions, spec homes can yield profits.
The essay spec for t-butyl perbenzoate, for example, is "98% minimum"; but now the target is 99%.
Specs is one of the world's leading suppliers of chemistry solutions for drug discovery to the Life Science industry.
This spec expands the SATA market by making it the interface of choice for laptop swap bay and associated optical drives.
Since the introduction to the reprographic market, the Plans & Specs system has been incorporated into the daily work cycle of reprographers and their building customers throughout the U.
the industry leader in time-to-market testchip solutions, and Hewlett-Packard Company today announced a new service that makes it much simpler for HP's parametric test customers to convert to the industry's most advanced parametric test measurement system, SPECS (Semiconductor Process Evaluation Core Software).
Subscribers to Information Handling Services' Specs and Standards service on the World Wide Web can now employ more powerful and accurate full-text searching, cut and paste functionality and easier access to related documents thanks to the addition of 30,000 Military Specifications, Standards and related documents in full-text format.
This structure makes Video Spec specs much easier to update for engineering changes than traditional linear video, and as an added feature, Video Spec dynamically handles multiple languages within a single spec.
SPEC is interested in hearing from IT managers and other potential users of SIP-based services to ensure that the subcommittee understands customer needs and can develop the best possible benchmarking solutions.
For instance, Data ONTAP GX, coupled with the new FAS6070, scales in capacity up to 6PB and achieves unprecedented industry performance of more than 1 million operations per second, based on the SPEC SFS benchmark.
The BlueArc SPEC tests provide further proof of this important relationship.