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Synonyms for speciousness

plausible but invalid reasoning

Synonyms for speciousness

an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive

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Thus the affirmation he makes a few lines above this about the speciousness of presenting faithfulness as "a necessarily negative servitude to strange aesthetic laws," given that these very differences in aesthetic structure "make the search for equivalencies even more delicate and therefore require much more imagination and capacity for intervention on the part of the filmmaker who wishes to achieve a resemblance," which leads him to conclude that "in its command of language and style, cinematographic creation is directly proportional to faithfulness" (Bazin 116-118).
This speciousness was Respighi at his worst (he has far more rewarding works to offer, not least his explorations into musical history), but interposed between these two symphonic poems was probably the most technically difficult piano concerto ever written, Prokofiev's Second.
One of the most striking is the Archbishop of Canterbury's proof that it would be beneficial for Henry to invade France, despite the threat of troubles in Scotland--a rhetorical demonstration that rivals for speciousness and tediousness (as well as for its capacity to befuddle a careful reader) (12) his more frequently discussed proof that Henry has a right to rule France in the first place.
The nonrival character of the artifacts being shared exposes the speciousness of Vice President Biden's metaphor.
Shell's sustainability claims have even been criticized by a watchdog for the ad industry--quite a remarkable feat, given the high tolerance for speciousness in the marketing world.
Sharing may help to overcome hierarchical conformity and expand trust among colleagues about the validity or speciousness of information.
Also, will they see the speciousness of their pending waste confidence finding that would ignore the blatantly political undoing of a sophisticated technical endeavor to build the world's first geologic repository for highly radioactive waste?
Beckwith does well in demonstrating the speciousness of a metaphysically and morally neutral liberalism and in proving the threat it poses to religious liberty both theoretically and in practice.
A homophobic literary historiography cannot accord room to the queer, just as an ability-privileged one cannot recognize the disabled--and I would add to this, the parallel case of how an anti-Semitic literary historiography refuses to acknowledge the enormous importance Jewish culture has in Latin American culture as one of its constitutive substratum and ala antidote to the speciousness of a Christian-privileged cultural tradition.
The speciousness of this argument is seen through a comparison of states' assessment practices in SLD and cognitive disability (i.
This outstanding contribution to the history of the Iraq War testifies to the veracity of the Casey quotation and affirms the speciousness of the second.
While Lee will often find his wayward thoughts returning to the concept of "the human race, to which we all belong," the daily realities of iris existence signal the speciousness of Marxist species-being.
For Tlingits, the speciousness behind claims of possession and sale of Tlingit territory is a historical truth and not merely a revised version of history.