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Synonyms for speciousness

plausible but invalid reasoning

Synonyms for speciousness

an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive

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The scene of writing is thus caught in poor reproduction and speciousness, that is, in parody or mimicry.
The total speciousness and fraud of academic leftism is proven by the passivity of these people in every department of the university to that power play that happened.
Sorrow and cognizance of the speciousness of the dream will always be in the back of the lover's mind, it could be argued, but a qualified success, no matter how fragile, trumps unconditional failure.
That sort of alliterative, three-word speciousness is more suited to advertising campaigns, for washing powder, for example, or maybe a slogan for kindergartens.
We now realise, for instance, the sheer impossibility and speciousness of much of the information with which the narrator has provided us.
This speciousness was Respighi at his worst (he has far more rewarding works to offer, not least his explorations into musical history), but interposed between these two symphonic poems was probably the most technically difficult piano concerto ever written, Prokofiev's Second.
One of the most striking is the Archbishop of Canterbury's proof that it would be beneficial for Henry to invade France, despite the threat of troubles in Scotland--a rhetorical demonstration that rivals for speciousness and tediousness (as well as for its capacity to befuddle a careful reader) (12) his more frequently discussed proof that Henry has a right to rule France in the first place.
The nonrival character of the artifacts being shared exposes the speciousness of Vice President Biden's metaphor.
Shell's sustainability claims have even been criticized by a watchdog for the ad industry--quite a remarkable feat, given the high tolerance for speciousness in the marketing world.
Sharing may help to overcome hierarchical conformity and expand trust among colleagues about the validity or speciousness of information.
At the top level is the argument that the doctrine rests on shaky legal ground (the 'speciousness' argument).
But the history of other artists from the same period shows its essential speciousness. Flaubert famously recommended the artist ought to be 'regular and orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and original in your work,' the merits of this proposition eloquently demonstrated by Gauguin's near-contemporary Cezanne, whose paintings were as revolutionary as his life devoid of excitement.
Beckwith does well in demonstrating the speciousness of a metaphysically and morally neutral liberalism and in proving the threat it poses to religious liberty both theoretically and in practice.
Also, will they see the speciousness of their pending waste confidence finding that would ignore the blatantly political undoing of a sophisticated technical endeavor to build the world's first geologic repository for highly radioactive waste?