specious argument

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an argument that appears good at first view but is really fallacious

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As for specious argument, you seem to have drawn more illusions than David Copperfield and as for your allusion to my literary "grandeur", it is accepted with glee.
Wesbury advances the specious argument that a VAT is bad because it would be placed "on top of the income tax" and "will harm the competiveness [sic] of the US.
For example, where Darfur is concerned, the myth of peace perpetrated by irresponsible news agencies is showing itself to be a completely specious argument.
It seemed to me a specious argument being made against the application of things that were not historically considered financial.
UNFORTUNATELY, PR Jones (Letters, July 8) trots out a familiar but specious argument in his efforts to disprove both the existence of God and, by implication, the deity of Christ.
To claim that the absence of violent crime is the direct result of pistol packing citizens is a specious argument to say the least.
We've heard that before: the same specious argument adopted to "prove" a nonexistent link between Saddam and al-Qaeda.
The firearms industry looks forward to the Supreme Court putting to rest the specious argument that the Second Amendment is not an individual right," said Lawrence G.
The council says it did not want to deny the benefits of the fish oil to some of the kids, but since the benefits of fish oil have not been proved it is a specious argument.
In a complete turnaround, Dickson now bought this specious argument.
This is a specious argument, given that it is a long-held practice to take the fingerprints of suspects arrested for crimes of all kinds.
But so long as America's Japanese and European partners are politically unable to implement those structural reforms that would lift their rates of return, they resort to the specious argument that not capital inflows, but rather the U.
Mr Miller dismissed this as a specious argument since "the Statute should be adopted before the next legislature and therefore the arrival of the new Member States".
Marine scientists outside Japan are near unanimous in finding this a specious argument.