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a bottle for holding urine specimens

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She and her mum Clare were stunned when staff handed them the foetus in a specimen bottle.
I fill the specimen bottle with water, wait until the solution has become saturated with iodine, and then decant the liquid into my Mountain Safety Research Dromedary water bottle (which can be packed flat when empty).
In the event that a test needs to be administered, the kit contains all of the necessary elements, including a specimen bottle and a overnight shipping envelope specially designed for laboratory samples.
During his stay in the hospital, a nurse came in with a specimen bottle while he was having breakfast.
Any specimen registering below 92 degrees Fahrenheit, as indicated by a temperature strip attached to the specimen bottle, will be rejected.
Most don't flick through Fiesta with a specimen bottle nearby because they want to save the world.
Now that it's clear, from revelations in Sunday newspapers, that his mobile was on after he slunk away from his specimen bottle - that he even received text messages from the Manchester United doctor begging him to return - there can be no question that he will be charged with wilfully avoiding the test, and banned for several months at least.
Remember, this is the bloke who needs four valets to put his socks on, not forgetting a serf to hold the specimen bottle when giving a sample.
The specimen bottle should always remain in a secure accessioning area.
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Yet all members of the boggling classes must have taken a sharp intake of breath when they heard that Burrell's colleague, valet Michael Fawcett, had to hold the specimen bottle for Prince Charles to exercise the royal sample, when he was hospitalised after a hunting accident.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Sputum Specimen Bottle
The next Duchy Original will be an ivory-tipped specimen bottle on a platinum-plated stand (pounds 5,500 from B&Q) for the gentleman who has to give a urine sample after being forced to jettison his valet.
7 Reagent bottle with stopper wide mouth 15 48 Reagent bottle with stopper Amber colour 20 49 Folin -Wu tube 150 50 Reagent bottle with stopper wide mouth 50 51 Reagent bottle with stopper 110 52 Reagent bottle with stopper 100 53 Specimen bottle 20 54 Watch glass 70 55 Petri dish 20 56 Glass rod 80 57 Reagent bottle with stopper 320 58 Capillary tube, Glass specimen jar 25 , Glass specimen jar 10 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 15 ,Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 , Glass specimen jar 20 ,Glass specimen jar 2
At first I thought it was a joke - but then he handed me a specimen bottle and asked me to fill it," 24-year-old Warren says.